The power of Mobility Data: Discover how every move matters

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This course on mobility data is designed to equip you with a deep understanding of how mobility data drives urban transport planning and informs smart mobility strategies. Together we’ll explore the foundations of mobility data, its origins, types, and the key contributors to data collection. We’ll also look at how data is generated by both people and vehicles by looking at infrastructure. There will also be a focus on the important role of data governance within the data space.


After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different types of mobility data 
  • Discuss the value of mobility data to transport planning 
  • Describe how technologies generate data for people and vehicles 
  • Identify considerations for interpreting and analysing mobility data

This course is aimed at transport and urban planners, city professionals, safety health specialists and anyone interested in the topic of Mobility Data.


5 modules

Recommended schedule

3 days

Total length

6 hours


Xavier Tackoen

Xavier Tackoen

Xavier Tackoen earned an MBA from ICHEC (2002) and a Transport Management Master's from CIEM (2003). With a decade in academia, he's been with Espaces-Mobilités since 2009, specialising in transport strategies, new mobility services, and public space design, focusing on MaaS, shared, connected, and autonomous mobility.

About the Course

Free & Paid options

You can access and participate in the course for free. If you want to earn a  certificate upon completion, you can purchase it. The certificate will be accessible only once the course is successfully completed. Read more here.

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Reza Mirzaei
Posted 2 days ago
Nice course

Im interested in this course

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Radoslaw Lukasik
Posted 5 days ago
A big dose of knowledge.

A big dose of knowledge.

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Audrey Lebas
Posted 2 weeks ago
Very clear and well-constructed

The course is constructed clearly, straight to the point and nicely illustrated.

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Aziza Talaspayeva
Posted 2 months ago
I like that course! It gives a deep understanding of the nature of mobility data

This course is amazingly structured, and given in easy to understand way. Each chapter contains interesting videos about the real-existing mobility data analytical projects from different cities. Also, the example of the work on the educational city "Mobilitis" helps to memorize the educational material. Incredible course! Thanks, EIT! Best regards, Aziza Talaspayeva from Kazakhstan!

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Blanca Fondevila
Posted 2 months ago
Good course!

Easy to take , amazing intro to the subject

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Raimon Gonzalez Artigas
Posted 3 months ago
A very interesting course.

This course has provided me with knowledge that has been very useful in my work and professional experience. The content is very interesting and enjoyable.

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