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Lucy Henriques

Hi everyone,

My name is Lucy and I’m an urban planner and architect based in Berlin, Germany. I currently work at the integrated urban planning team at Arup Berlin, where we deal with a myriad of urban projects, both public and private, as well on different scales (regional, city-wide, local, etc.)

1. The areas of expertise I identify with range from the more technical ones, like landscaping, urban planning, to the more “soft data”-oriented, like urban design, psychology, anthropology, placemaking, sociology, service design, among others. I think I’m interested on every expertise that focuses on how infrastructure can promote a better quality of life, considering the human scale.

2. I’m not sure, but I think I can bring a set of tools and different perspectives to the group. Being these tools technical, quantitative, or qualitative, empirical or not, I think I can bring an interdisciplinary approach to the table. Also, living in Germany, I can bring the perspective of someone living in a country that is much car-oriented, with a strong economy and automobile industry, and has barriers on turning itself into a more cycling-friendly one.

3. E-Mail: lucy.henriques@arup.com, Twitter: @lucyhenriques, Website: lucyhenriques.com


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