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Pablo Carreras

Hello everyone,

I’m Pablo Carreras, a sustainable mobility consultant in Codra Conseil, an urban planning company in Paris, France. I participate in sustainable urban mobility plans and active mobility plans in several cities in France. I’m taking this course to learn from effective approaches and policies on designing for cycling in The Netherlands. Hopefully, I will be able to implement these ideas in my professional projects.

Most French cities are way behind Dutch cities in terms of cycling policies and practices. However, they’re implementing ambitious plans to develop cycling in the short term. My experience in French cities can provide ideas on the types of measures that could contribute to rapidly improve cycling, in order to respond to strategic challenges, such as urban accessibility, congestion, pollution and climate change. Paradoxically, most of these measures don’t involve cycling infrastructure, but rather traffic calming and public transport improvements. Moreover, several Cities in France are currently creating temporary bike lanes, to respond to the covid-19 crisis. These measures could greatly improve cycling conditions (if they’re maintained) and they could transform the approach on cycling infrastructure, by encouraging faster and more adaptive measures in the future. I believe that the experiences of French cities could serve as an inspiration for cities that want to strongly increase cycling in the next years, starting from very low cycling levels…

Here’s my LinkedIn account and here’s my Twitter account.

I’m looking forward to discussing with all of you on cycling design solutions in cities around the world!

Pablo Carreras

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