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Bogota is a very, veeeeeery large city, so most of the +500km of bike-routes were built in the center of roads, or even highways (as you can appreciate in the first line pictures). At street level I consider them very safety as they are way separated from the traffic using green areas or hard separations. This large bike-lanes can be a good choice when you have to commute a very large distance by bike, which is something common here, though. (For example: I used to bike 14 km between my house and my Univ.)

The problems come when some of this very large bike lanes need to be connected with others; the city has its districts often separated to others by lakes, highways, hills or parks, so the “solution” that has come out, was the extension of the bike lines OVER bridges (that were designed for cars). For many people isn’t a real problem, but the slope of this bridges is, as I said, designed for cars. I’ve seen many people having trouble climbing this routes because they have a very steep slope; children, delivery worker, third age people…

Now, another problem that many people maybe don’t care is the sound. Lets just image you’re climbing the bridge in the first picture (in second line) and suddenly a truck honk for any reason. You may loose the equilibrium and fall, and probably falling into the car lane… with fatal consequences. I don’t want to imagine that that has happen to someone, at least this bike lane is wide so you can cycle in the center.

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