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Kate Seal


Examples of poor intersection and bus stop cycle infrastructure:

As pointed out in the last module forum by another participant, the current cycle infrastructure of WOODSTOCK ROAD, OXFORD, UK is beyond help and needs a complete overhaul. The two way cycle path which shares the elevated sidewalk is poorly signposted, poorly delineated and frequently peters out for no good reason as well as at bus stops and intersections.

Below in photo 1 (remember we drive on the left in the UK) you can see that no one is obeying any of the rules.  The cyclist coming towards us is on the pedestrian sidewalk and the cyclist going away from us is in the bus lane.  Both would have to stop at the intersection with the incoming minor road.  And the car has right of way because it’s the biggest most protected form of transport and can cause the most damage.  The road is 3 lanes wide – room for a redesign!

Underneath in Photo 2 you can see a bus stop.  Cyclists going in either direction are required to get off and push their bikes in front of the bus stop.

BUS STOP.,+Oxford/@51.770337,-1.2717219,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4876c417f553d87b:0xa0bcf66346d0e885!8m2!3d51.770337!4d-1.2695332

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