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Anna Gogola

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a) what incremental improvement would you recommend for this particular example

The cycling infrastructure displayed on the above photo is a two-way track, separated from the motorized vehicle traffic by a median strip. I would suggest the following interventions to upgrade the safety of all road users.

  • Implement an edge line (continuous white line) on the right side of the cycle track to define its width towards the grass area. I make this suggestion because the road lighting posts are on the opposite side of the road, and I can’t tell if the cycling track is safe at all hours and all weather conditions.
  • Implement a center line (dashed), to define the two directions.
  • Implement oriented bike symbols, to define the cycling directions.
  • Since the median strip has openings (I understand that they serve access purposes to private garages):
  1. Implement dashed stop lines at the opening of the median strip and its projection at the opposite side, to raise the attention of the turning/entering and the exiting from the garage vehicles
  2. Implement “Shark’s teeth” yield lines to raise the attention of the passing through cyclists
  3. Paint the whole area of the “intersection” to raise the attention of all users.

b) what kind of political and bureaucratic opposition this improvement would likely encounter (such as removal of parking, fire trucks, etc… )

The above proposals could receive opposition due to the cost of upgrading a safe cycling infrastructure, such as a cycle track, separated by a median strip from the carriageway.

However, the suggestions and their cost are justified because it is essential to familiarize all road users with cycling infrastructure and cycle usage and improve safety for all road users by completing the existing infrastructure with the necessary signage and road marking.

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