Reply To: Post a Picture – The Weakest Link

Colin MacKenzie

Bank Street is one of the main north-south arterials in Ottawa, running from the northern city limits to the southern city limits. For the most part, there is a lack of cycling facilities on it, although that should be changed in the coming years with a plan for complete streets that I am on the team of. This is one section, closer to downtown (and also on my old commute to work) where there ARE cycling facilities.

However, the problem here is similar to a lot of our problems in Ottawa, which is the bike lane just terminates as you approach the intersection. Whenever I’m biking around Ottawa, I always think about the NACTO handbook “Don’t Give Up At The Intersection”, since we here in Ottawa seem to give up at the intersection a lot. This location is especially bad since it is located at the bottom of a hill, with high-speed vehicles and cyclists interacting in the same space since the lane ends.

Google Maps pin:

Keep moving north to find a bonus weakest link, where a bridge crossing into a residential area has zero cycling facilities to speak of!

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