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Pablo Carreras

Intersection in Vitry (France)

This is a very poorly designed intersection in Vitry (France), with a negative impact on travel conditions of cyclists, as well as all other road users! The size of the intersection is too large, with a vast road space in the center of it, which creates confusion and conflicts for car users, especially for those turning left. Due to the size of the intersection, the turning radii are too large, which allows drivers to maintain a high speed while turning right, negatively affecting safety conditions of pedestrians. As for cyclists, traveling on this intersection can be a stressful and confusing experience. There’s no protected bike lane, or even a simple bike marking, on the intersection. For these users, the risk of facing a conflict with a car, whatever their movement on the intersection, is very high. There is a bike lane leading to the intersection, but it disappears before reaching it, which shows that planners who designed this bike lane had no idea of the needs of cyclists. Overall, this intersection is very unpleasant and unsafe for cyclists (it was designed to increase car traffic and car speed). These types of “weak links” can strongly limit the practice of cycling in the city, especially for vulnerable users or less-experienced users.

Here’s a Goole Street link of this intersection.

Pablo Carreras

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