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Mahtab Baghaiepoor

Hello everybody, I am Mahtab (means moonlight!) from Iran. I’m an urban designer and planner highly interested in walkability and bikability in cities. I found the course via LinkedIn and feel incredibly blessed for it! As an urban designer, I had the dream of promoting bicycle in my hometown. I live in Yazd, Iran. The city is UNSECO world heritage chosen because of its remarkable urban fabric made from mud clay. Located in the middle of Iran beside deserts, it’s got a flat topography and 100-200 years ago it was called “the city of bicycles” because of the vast biking culture among residents. Unfortunately, Modernism hit the city hard and all the development grew around automobile supremacy from then on. Now you can barely find bike lanes even though the desire and some rare use is still possible to spot.
The Idea came to my mind back in my bachelor’s thesis. Later in masters, I continued working on a regeneration through promoting walking and biking in the city. It took me a couple of years to finally enter the local job market and find a voice to negotiate with the municipality to design biking infrastructure for the city. Now my proposal is waiting some bureaucracy out there and meanwhile I’m empowering myself scientifically to come up with a people-centered design. I am here to learn about how to find and promote the social demand for the change in mainstream transportation behavior and share my experience in a historical city with you.

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