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Jacqueline Hicks

Hi everyone,
I’m Jacqui. I’m from Australia. I also have a mixed background. I studied chemical engineering and maths buth then grew more interested in transport (because they wanted to cut the train line in our city which they eventually did). I was late to learn to ride, and picked it up while travelling overseas after my studies, and soon I found myself riding around Paris while I studied a Masters in Transport and sustainable development. It expanded my understanding of transport, but as I started my PhD (originally looking at how we could factor in the other costs/benefits of urban transport when addressing climate change), I became more and more interested in better understanding behaviour change and the influences of the world around and completely changed my topic. So for a while I have been fascinated with how we look at people and their world when we plan transport in our cities. I also made a film which was an idea I had while riding my bike to work while finishing my PhD. The commute was my favorite part of the day as my train ride had been while I was at uni. I wanted to explore this by making a doco. Since finishing, I’ve been looking after my two kids and trying to work out ways to get back into work, and it’s not easy.

I am really excited about equipping myself with some different tools to help me become more methodical with strategy development in both transport infrastructure planning (particularly for cycling), and in helping promote cycling, walking and public transport, because I believe that some of the world here will be transferable from cycling to other modes of transport… I’m also keen to learn from other students and I think there will be interesting discussion emerging throughout this course that will help expand my understanding of cycling and transport planning.

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