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Hello everybody! I am Bruno, I am Brazilian and at the moment I live in Portugal, where I am a master’s student in Urban Engineering.
Since my graduation, the question of the majority of Brazilian cities having grown-up “car-centered” has intrigued me a lot. This situation was even the subject of my final course work, which aimed to study sustainable alternatives for urban circulation. So I came for a master’s degree and now I have the opportunity to study this issue further and try to learn how to change this paradigm and start planning and making Brazilian cities more “people-centered”. I have also taken the “Designing the Cycling City” course, and now with this course, I intend to further deepen my perception of how to focus city design on people’s needs and perceptions. I am available for discussions on the topic and whatever else appears during the course. Let’s build people-centered cities together! Count on me!

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