Reply To: Post a Picture – The Weakest Link

Noel Fennelly

This is a raised cycle track across St. Conleths Bridge in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland. The raised track is quite narrow, directly adjacent to heavy traffic volumes and a vehicle restraint barrier is located on the inside of the cycle track, between the cycle track and footpath! The surface condition is also quite poor.

The bridge is located beside a major junction with heavy traffic volumes and is the main route to 5 No. schools on the opposite side of the bridge. There are also no dedicated cyclist facilities on the approach roads to the bridge. Needless to say, the cycle track gets very little usage. School children do not use it – the few children who do cycle to schools here, cycle on the footpath instead. Even experienced cyclists prefer to stay on the road than use this piece of substandard infrastructure.


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