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Daria Luzina

Hi everyone, this is Daria

I’m Russian,  living and working in Singapore for last 2.5 years, prior to this I worked in India for 2 years.

I’m working in venture capital company that supports tech companies expanding to Asia. Urban Mobility is one of our focus areas and we constantly source tech companies in the fields of route optimization, geospatial mapping, sustainable infrastructure, on demand pooling and more.. Asia is experiencing rapid urbanization and is a home to > 50 % of the world’s megacities (more than 10 M inhabitants), so the cities here are developing very fast, nut not always in a sustainable manner.

At the same time I am a cycling enthusiast and enjoy to cycle with my husband. I always feel excited to learn more about cycling culture in Netherlands and hope more and more cities globally (especially in Asia) will embrace it soon.

I’m looking forward to getting new ideas and understanding better urban cycling and  from design thinking perspective.




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