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Mark Gill

Hi! My name is Mark. I’m from the dysfunctional cycling city of Dublin but I am currently living in the functional cycling city of Copenhagen. It’s nice to know both cities very well and understand the cultural thinking, which both inhibits and improves cycling conditions in both places.

I retrained as an architect and recently graduated as an urban designer and planner in Denmark. I have become fascinated with the impact of transport on urban space, the environment and people’s quality of life. I am developing a specialty in active travel as I believe this is where I can best make a difference.

I have a lifelong love of the bicycle and have had many diverse and amazing experiences on my bike all around the world. As I am classified as a ‘strong and fearless’ cyclist I understand that I have blind spots when it comes to truly understanding the user experience for less experienced and less abled cyclists. Thus, I’m very interested in learning the methods and tools in this course to have a better sense of how to design safer and more user-friendly experiences for all. It’s great that¬† I can also apply the the UX tools to other modes, such as walking and indeed, obtain interesting international perspectives from the other people in this group.

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