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      Trey Hahn

      Feel free to introduce yourself here to other course mates 😄
      Let’s hear where people are taking the course from, and how you got here.

      To start: I’m Trey, originally from San Diego, California, USA. I lived for 4 years in New York City, and now live in the Amsterdam area, the Netherlands. Before starting Designing a Bicycle User Experience (BUX), I have a mixed background and education in urban planning, design, technology, and operations.

      My work and experiences living in different places increasingly give me the idea that thinking deeply about people is critical to have mobility infrastructure and systems work for them. This is a simple point, but it is quite often not applied in practice. That is why we have created this course! Subjective, experiential factors can be studied and are well-addressed by the fields of user experience and usability. My background includes doing this in the context is in cycling, but principles from these fields can be applied to any mode of getting around or user, and we present them in the course as such.

      I look forward to hearing about your backgrounds in this introduction thread, and to your discussion prompt responses later on in the course!

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