Peer review

Here is the workflow for the peer review process:

  • After you submit your assignment, course staff will check your upload to make sure it meets the submission requirements
  • When it is approved, you will receive an email indicating you have the green light to proceed to peer review
  • Then, find someone by posting in the peer review forum
  • Once you have agreed to do a review with someone, send each other a link to your submitted assignments via private message
  • Follow the guidelines below for peer review
  • When the review is complete, submit a short summary/reflection on this lesson page

Peer review guidelines

The peer review is allocated 30 minutes (15 minutes to read/watch your peer’s assignment, 10 minutes to reflect and give feedback, and 5 minutes to submit a short summary/reflection below). Format for feedback is open and can be given via private message.

Note that due to technical limitations, you must link to your submission files via a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox (the messenger cannot handle attached files in private messages). An alternative is to get in touch with your peer reviewer via email, LinkedIn, or elsewhere and send the files there.

Short summary/reflection guidelines

Submit one short paragraph (3-5 sentences) in pdf form after you complete your review. This includes: a 1-2 sentence summary in your words of what your peer did, and 2-3 sentences of your own comment on the assignment.

Afterwards: Sharing your Project

Once you submit this short paragraph, course staff will review and approve the submission. Provided that you have passed the final quiz (and move through the bonus module for the system mark it also as complete), you will have officially completed the course! 🙂

Would you like a certificate to be able to share your accomplishment with others? You can read more about the option to purchase this here. Once you have purchased it, it will be downloadable from the main course page.

We recommend that you share your completed project on LinkedIn. This is both a way to continue to network with others that share their projects, and an opportunity to share your work with the outside world. Tag us when you post and use the hashtag #EITUrbanMobilityAcademy! 🙂

Before we wrap up the course in a final video, we ask for your feedback in a survey in the following lesson.