Active mobility at the heart of transport modelling

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Welcome! As cities grow and expand, the needs of those who live in them also change and evolve. The way we move reflects, to a great extent, the way we live, wouldn’t you agree? 

In fact, this is also true about the way we do not move, and there is a lot of not-moving, especially in big cities. What do we mean by this? We are talking about congestion, which is both a cause and consequence of how transport modelling is mainly done today.

In this short course, we will talk about the importance of placing active mobility at the same level as motorised transport not only to tackle congestion, but also for the number of other economic, environmental, and social benefits that it brings. This course is all about understanding how transport modelling should shift from focusing exclusively on moving vehicles and instead aim at moving people from a multimodal approach in order to create more liveable spaces.

This EIT Urban Mobility course was produced with the support of Cologne based research and consultancy firm, Rupprecht Consult.

By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • what paradigm shift is needed in order to assess the effectiveness of walking and cycling measures when tackling congestion.
  • how inclusive transport modelling will help achieving this.
  • what the main challenges are when considering walking and cycling in a multimodal approach toward mobility.
  • what role authorities, decisions-makers and citizens play in this process.
  • about real-life examples and the impact such measures can have on mobility and quality of life in cities.


4 modules

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1 day

Total length

1 hour and 30 minutes


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