Urban Air Mobility: using the space above our cities

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This course provides an overview of what is meant by the term ‘Urban Air Mobility’ and how it could benefit society in the near future. It will explore current attitudes towards Urban Air Mobility and drone technology based on current research and public and stakeholder engagement. 

The purpose of the course is to equip learners with an appreciation of this new form of mobility, acknowledging the opportunities and challenges for integration in our cities.

The first module introduces the topic and key terminology and addresses current misconceptions about drones. It presents the types of UAM aircraft being developed and introduces the stakeholders involved.

The second module presents the opportunities that Urban Air Mobility can bring to our cities, such as convenience, safety and environmental benefits, and the viable use cases including medical, personal deliveries and surveying.

The third module will focus on the challenges facing Urban Air Mobility today, such as technological, regulatory, economic and social. It will present the regulatory framework that is currently in place for the flying on unmanned aircraft.

The final module will focus on thinking about solutions to the challenges identified in the previous module. Countries and environments that are more favourable to integrating drones into the airspace will be discussed and the potential reasons for this will be explored


4 modules

Recommended schedule

2 days

Total length

2 hours


This course has been created in collaboration with LuxMobility

LuxMobility specialises in research and innovation projects for new forms of mobility, such as autonomous vehicles (CCAM) and urban air mobility. It is also involved in the production of mobility plans for companies, airports and cities.

Lucy Mascarenhas

Lucy Mascarenhas

Lucy Mascarenhas is an experienced Sustainable Mobility expert with 9 years of experience working in the transport planning sector for private and public organisations. Lucy specialises in the implementation of multi-modal transport enhancement schemes and co-ordinates the public and stakeholder engagement in relation to these. She is currently co-ordinating training and engagement on the topic of urban air mobility, in particular the AiRMOUR project which supports research in sustainable urban air mobility for the emergency medical services sector.

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Multi-language videos:

To make this course accessible for a greater audience, the videos’ subtitles are available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

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