Artificial Intelligence in Urban Mobility

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Recently, people keep talking about AI applications like ChatGPT and think that they are transforming our lives. In fact, AI technology has been implemented quietly into transport systems and is influencing the ways that we move around without our notice.  With the support of real-time data, these AI applications are making impacts in different aspects, from improving traffic congestion to achieving carbon emission goals.   

As you will learn on this course, artificial intelligence has a growing role to play in the ways that we move around the world.  You will discover what artificial intelligence is and how exactly it is applied in urban mobility through interesting and real examples.   

Learning objectives: 

  • Learn how artificial intelligence and the different types of machine learning work.
  • Understand how AI can be successfully applied in the different fields of urban mobility: from operational efficiency and safety to customer service
  • Reflect through case studies and small exercises on the benefits AI can provide to the transportation system


4 modules

Recommended schedule

2 days

Total length

1 hour and 30 minutes


Alok Jain

Alok Jain

Alok is the CEO & Managing Director of Trans-consult, a management consulting firm, specializing in sustainability urban mobility operation and management, and applications of cutting-edge technologies in urban mobility. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and is a member of the Council for Decarbonizing Transport in Asia. He is an international expert trainer who held more than 100 training sessions for executives in large enterprises and government authorities around the globe.

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What Urban Professionals Have to Say

This course is essential for understanding the AI and its role in architecture and urban design. This will be helpful for everybody who wants to apply AI and generate the well-being throughout the city-making process.
Alvaro Puertas Villavicencio
Centre for Conscious Design
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