Car sharing: the smart way to drive

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Join us on the journey to discovering what car sharing can do for your city.

We’ll explore the concept’s history, user perspectives, and the benefits of car sharing over individual ownership. We’ll delve into various car sharing options, both public and private, while addressing challenges and opportunities. Learn the success formula for effective stakeholder collaboration, and gain practical strategies to implement car sharing initiatives in your community. Don’t miss this journey to unlock the full potential of accessible and eco-friendly transportation.

In this course, you will learn:
  • Define what car sharing is (and what it is not)
  • Describe some key opportunities that car sharing can offer, for cities, for communities, for users
  • Weigh suitable options for car sharing based on the local environment, and make recommendations for implementation
  • Understand the perspective of user (and non-user) behaviour and its role to achieve successful implementation.

This course is aimed at professionals working in the field of transport, city planning, and students in these areas – anyone with an interest in making informed decisions about mobility strategy.


4 modules

Recommended schedule

2 days

Total length

2 hours


Ananda Groag

Ananda Groag

Ananda Groag is the founder and an independent consultant for Reframe. She is an advocate for sustainable living and transformative mobility with an expertise in car sharing. With a background in navigation and on-demand mobility, she aims to inspire change and connection between people and nature. With a passion for creating a greener world, Ananda worked at TomTom, specializing in various aspects of mobility, and later became an integral part of the shareNL team, driving the Green Deal Carsharing initiative.

Anna-Richt Hannema

Anna-Richt Hannema

Anna-Richt Hannema is a self employed shared mobility expert at Kartrekker. She is a passionate advocate for cross-domain collaboration, social innovation, and sustainable solutions. With expertise in communication, behavior, and systems thinking, she drives the transition to a circular, social society by designing participatory processes and developing strategies that bring stakeholders together for common goals. Her valuable insights are shared through blogs, scientific publications, and a whitepaper on cooperation between government, market, and residents.

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You can access and participate in the course for free. If you want to earn a certificate upon completion, you can purchase it. The certificate will be accessible only once the course is successfully completed. Read more here.

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