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Planning the Streets of the Future

This five week course invites you to reimagine three street typologies that can be seen in your city: the local street, the shopping street, and the thoroughfare. We take you on a virtual tour through the Hague, Tel Aviv, and Barcelona to help you deconstruct the street and reimagine it with more people-friendly infrastructure, one element at a time. The final project invites you to make a visual impact by creating your very own “flying cars” animation! 


4 learning + 1 practical module

Recommended schedule

4 Hours per week / 5 weeks

Total length

6 Hours


Lior Steinberg

Lior Steinberg

Lior helps cities to look beyond functionality and to plan urban spaces that make people smile. His specialty is the multidisciplinary approach to urban planning and bicycle plans: it is never only about infrastructure, but also the quality of life, urban design, politics, communications, and many more. He worked on bicycle strategies and plans in different countries, like Tel Aviv’s bicycle strategy and Rotterdam’s bicycle vision.

George Liu

George Liu

George envisions a world where human experience takes center stage when designing urban mobility systems . We unleash various perspectives through which people can experience their streets, neighbourhoods, and cities. Visual communication is an important way to showcase your vision of how a great street experience merges the human and traffic elements of the streetscape.

What You'll Learn

Free & paid options

You are free to access and participate in the course for free. If you want to earn a certificate upon completion, you can purchase a certificate. The certificate will be accessible only once the course is successfully completed. Read more here.

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