Street of a city with people, tram and other vehicles.

Fundamentals of Urban Mobility

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This course introduces the fundamentals of urban mobility planning

Mobility choices affect all aspects of city life: from economic efficiency to social inclusion, sustainability, and quality of life. 

These choices shape and reshape cities in irreversible ways. Urban life is much better for everyone when we invest in mobility for all, not just car users.

In this course, you will:

  • Increase your awareness of common urban mobility problems;
  • Start understanding how key transport modes can be improved for people in urban areas;
  • Learn about the roles of political bodies in making change happen;
  • Start understanding how things could be different in your urban area and how to make it happen.


5 modules

Recommended schedule

3 days

Total length

4 hours


Paul Barter

Paul Barter

Dr Paul Barter is a consultant, researcher, trainer, writer and podcaster best known for his parking policy expertise. Paul also has research, policy and training strengths on international comparisons of urban transport, travel demand management and public transport regulation. He has provided insight to various metropolitan governments as a consultant to international organizations such as the World Bank, WRI, ITDP and GIZ. Since 2000, Paul has taught at the National University of Singapore (NUS), mostly in the LKY School of Public Policy as an Assistant Professor and, since 2012, as an Adjunct Associate Professor.

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