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Adam St. Amant

Hi Anastasia,

Looking to the Hyatt section, we recently resolved a vehicle/bike conflict area by discussing the desired outcomes with an adjacent land user, in this case our local transit authority. We wanted to make sure people riding bicycles could safely reach their downtown destinations and they wanted to make sure buses could safely arrive at the terminal and have passengers safely and easily get on and off the buses. Together we worked out a solution where we would build a floating transit island, however the adjacent protected bike lanes would be raised to sidewalk level and be marked so that people riding bikes would know where they need to be and pedestrians would know where they had to watch out for bikes. My suggestion for improvement along this route would be to get to know the adjacent land user and to figure out the win-win scenario to complete this piece of cycling infrastructure.

From the limited information available on Google Maps, there are a few points of opposition (or points to work with to develop the win-win):

  • This looks like a valet parking or customer drop-off zone. Modifications here will likely need to respect the hotel’s desire to maintain a high level service for their clients, including the ability for a person to get out of their vehicle an not immediately need to look for bikes. Space to unload luggage will also need to be provided.
  • The fact that the protected route is built north and south of the hotel suggests there may be reluctance to negotiate or change the roadway at this location. There may also be some history in the relationship would could affect negotiations.
  • There are a lot of maintenance hole covers in front of the hotel indicating that there may be many underground utilities at this location. Depending on how deep they are and what type, it may be expensive to re-grade for proper drainage if re-grading is necessary.
  • There does not appear to be a cycling network south of here to connect to, which makes it harder to argue to continue the network to the south. Does the City have plans to extend the network to the south?
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