Reply To: Post a Picture – The Weakest Link

Dermot Hanney

So, the road outside mine has a painted cycle lane before the junction. However, after the junction the painted mandatory cycle lane disappears as the 2 traffic lanes southbound split around a kerbed area. This leads to very dangerous situations where both:

1. the cyclist who initially felt in a safe space in own lane, is now thrust into an uncomfortable space in a traffic lane with no way for vehicle behind to pass

2. vehicles proceeding at speed (despite what the 20mph markings say) expecting pass cyclist due to pre junction configuration only to realise at a very late stage past the junction that there is no space to pass the cyclist in front.

Sadly it feels as long as this layout remains a serious collision between a vehicle and cyclist is inevitable. I attach the before and after photos for junction as a comparison

Before junction layout

After junction layout

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