Reply To: Post a Picture – The Weakest Link

Shannon Hill

There are two friction points that immediately come to mind that I’ve ridden in the past week with my 12 year old.

This first one is showing the intersection of Columbus Ave and West 96th St, both major roads on the Upper West Side. There is a protected bike lane on Columbus Ave, it’s just hiding behind the cab, but it disappears as you reach the intersection and it merges into the right hand turn lane. Interestingly past Google Street View images show the protected bike lane paint at least extending to the intersection, but now this has disappeared. I don’t trust the cars to see me, or stop.

Columbus & West 96

This second one is on Central Park West. The bike lane itself has now changed (this image is a year old) and is now fully protected along some of its length with the rest to come (apparently). There are significant friction points with the bus stops along CPW. I was very unsure of where I was meant to be riding, and how the bus would also react. Very unclear.





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