How can utopian animations help us rethink our cities? | With Jan Kamensky

What would happen if we transformed car-dominated streets into human-friendly places? You have probably seen these videos on social media where cars are sent skyward and make way for green spaces, benches, and bicycle paths. Jan Kamensky is making these animations for two years now, and he is the man behind With these short videos, this visual designer from Hamburg not only wants to amuse cycling enthusiasts. For him, sharing these utopian visions is a playful way to inspire change. In this new video, Urban Mobility Explained travelled to his hometown to meet with him and understand how utopian animations can help us rethink our cities. If you want more information on, check out Jan Kamensky’s website: If you want to learn how to make these street transformation animations, check out this 45-min tutorial with Jan Kamensky on the Urban Cycling Institute YouTube channel:…

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