How is Izmir turning into a cycling city?

How to become a cycling city? Cycling is now a major global trend, with several city governments announcing bold ambitions to swap cars for bikes, particularly in Europe but also beyond. In Türkiye, the city of Izmir is leading the way and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is putting a lot of effort in promoting the use of bicycle. In this new UMX video, we went to Izmir to discover some of the cycling projects and initiatives developed by the Municipality to create a bicycle culture.

Many thanks to Özlem Taşkın Erten (Director of Sustainable Transportation Planning Directorate), Burak Tümer (Chief of Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects Unit), Dağhan Derinsu (Urban Planner), and Ceyhun Minareci (Head of Transportation Planning Department) for accepting to share their knowledge and experience in this video!

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