How is this Latvian start-up using lamp posts to charge electric vehicles?

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Electric vehicles (EV) are a minority on the streets of Riga and the EV charging infrastructure is still at an early stage in the Latvian capital. Artis Markots was struggling to find a EV charger for his car when he got a very simple idea. He looked at the streetlight infrastructure and thought that it could be a way for electric vehicle charging. SimpleCharge was born. Urban Mobility Explained travelled to Riga to meet with SimpleCharge and understand how this startup is deploying this sustainable urban mobility solution with the support of EIT Urban Mobility, VEFRESH and the City of Riga. Many thanks to Artis Markots, Viesturs Celmiņš, Inese Andersone, Kārlis Mendziņš, Kristaps Volks, Zane Derdonska and Anna Burgués.

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