How will data spaces transform urban mobility?

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Developing a fully multimodal journey is an immense logistical challenge. It required data sharing and compatibility from an array of sources as varied as public transportation, police updates, bike-share providers, car rentals and even the weather service. The problem is that there is a trust issue. In other words, a company does not share information with another company, thinking that this data will be used. Data spaces have a role to play, as they are generating trusted environments where public and private companies can share data. In this video, Urban Mobility Explained (UMX) travelled to Barcelona to understand how data spaces could transform urban mobility. Thanks to Daniel Serra, Silvia Castellví and Carme Fàbregas for participating in this video. If you want more information on data spaces, check out the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) website: If you want to know how to establish a data space ecosystem or even join the movement, check out Gaia-X website:…

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