Is your city well ranked on urban health? | With Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

What is the health burden related to air pollution or the lack of green space? In 2021, ISGlobal analysed more than 1,000 cities in more than 30 European countries to evaluate various environmental exposures related to urban and transport planning (such as air pollution, lack of exposure to green spaces, noise from road traffic and heat island effects) in these cities. From the data they collected, they created the ISGlobal Ranking of Cities, establishing different types of city ranking: air pollution ranking and green space ranking. In this new UMX video, we travelled to Barcelona (Spain) to learn more about this ongoing research project with Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative at ISGlobal.

Note: Since our shooting in spring 2022, ISGlobal is also sharing data on noise from road traffic in European cities but did not establish any noise ranking because “the estimates for European cities were considered not comparable due to issues related to data formats and quality”.

If you want more information on the ISGlobal Ranking of Cities, click here:

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