Pollution Reduction and Health

Technologies and measures for pollution management: How to reduce, eliminate or prevent pollution.

Electrification of Urban Mobility: How to Get it Right (updated)

To be sustainable and deal with current climate change, our future cities must become greener. For urban mobility that means clean energy must replace fossil fuels. This course introduces the challenges faced by cities during that energy transition, and their possible solutions.   By the end of the course, you will be able to…  Explain the

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Street of a city with people, tram and other vehicles.

Fundamentals of Urban Mobility

This course introduces the fundamentals of urban mobility planning. Mobility choices affect all aspects of city life: from economic efficiency to social inclusion, sustainability, and quality of life. These choices shape and reshape cities in irreversible ways. Urban life is much better for everyone when we invest in mobility for all, not just car users.

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Tackling noise pollution in cities

The propagation of noise that can have a harmful impact on the activities of humans and wildlife is known as noise pollution.The growing levels of environmental noise worldwide have caused multiple environmental and health problems, including sleep disturbance, annoyance and irritability, heart disease, or learning difficulties, among others. Major sources of noise pollution include road, railway

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