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Lauren Rushing

Great to meet all of you! It’s so nice to hear all your stories and to discover the different paths that have led everyone to this course.

I’m Lauren, and I went the opposite way from Trey – I moved to NYC this year after living in the Netherlands for three years. I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida whose quintessential sprawled American development I always credit with my original inspiration to pursue a career in urban planning. I come from an environmental science background and my interest in sustainability eventually led me to the world of mobility after learning the impacts of a car-dominated society. I studied as an exchange student in Amsterdam during my masters and feeling the impact of living in a cycling city on my own life and happiness was life changing. Cycling is an incredible tool, that when planned for, is the key to many of the urban issues we face today. I’ve dedicated my career being an expert in bicycle urbanism and promoting design and policy that encourages more people to get on bikes.

I’ve reviewed this course for Trey and can promise you have a lot to look forward to! Trey’s unique approach of applying traditional UX design principles to designing for cyclists will truly have you thinking in a different way. Along with the conceptual learning, you will leave this course with a knowledge practical methods to use in your work.

I’m excited to hear your thoughts as you work through the course and look forward to a dialogue!


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