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      Trey Hahn

      Feel free to introduce yourself here to other course mates 🙂
      Let’s hear where people are taking the course from, and how you got here.

      To start: I’m Trey, originally from San Diego, California, USA. I lived for 4 years in New York City, and now live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before starting Bicycle User Experience (BUX), I have a mixed background and education in urban planning, design, technology, and operations.

      Lived experiences cycling in the Netherlands and exposure to people-centered design fields (e.g. usability, user experience) made me think that there is quite a bit of overlap between the two compared to cycling where I am from. Over the last few years, I developed this thought further and have arrived at a common thread between the different fields and my experiences: that if you think deeply about people, comfortable, usable bicycle infrastructure and streets follow.

      I look forward to hearing your perspectives during this course!

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      Mahtab Baghaiepoor

      Hello everybody, I am Mahtab (means moonlight!) from Iran. I’m an urban designer and planner highly interested in walkability and bikability in cities. I found the course via LinkedIn and feel incredibly blessed for it! As an urban designer, I had the dream of promoting bicycle in my hometown. I live in Yazd, Iran. The city is UNSECO world heritage chosen because of its remarkable urban fabric made from mud clay. Located in the middle of Iran beside deserts, it’s got a flat topography and 100-200 years ago it was called “the city of bicycles” because of the vast biking culture among residents. Unfortunately, Modernism hit the city hard and all the development grew around automobile supremacy from then on. Now you can barely find bike lanes even though the desire and some rare use is still possible to spot.
      The Idea came to my mind back in my bachelor’s thesis. Later in masters, I continued working on a regeneration through promoting walking and biking in the city. It took me a couple of years to finally enter the local job market and find a voice to negotiate with the municipality to design biking infrastructure for the city. Now my proposal is waiting some bureaucracy out there and meanwhile I’m empowering myself scientifically to come up with a people-centered design. I am here to learn about how to find and promote the social demand for the change in mainstream transportation behavior and share my experience in a historical city with you.

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      Jacqueline Hicks

      Hi everyone,
      I’m Jacqui. I’m from Australia. I also have a mixed background. I studied chemical engineering and maths buth then grew more interested in transport (because they wanted to cut the train line in our city which they eventually did). I was late to learn to ride, and picked it up while travelling overseas after my studies, and soon I found myself riding around Paris while I studied a Masters in Transport and sustainable development. It expanded my understanding of transport, but as I started my PhD (originally looking at how we could factor in the other costs/benefits of urban transport when addressing climate change), I became more and more interested in better understanding behaviour change and the influences of the world around and completely changed my topic. So for a while I have been fascinated with how we look at people and their world when we plan transport in our cities. I also made a film which was an idea I had while riding my bike to work while finishing my PhD. The commute was my favorite part of the day as my train ride had been while I was at uni. I wanted to explore this by making a doco. Since finishing, I’ve been looking after my two kids and trying to work out ways to get back into work, and it’s not easy.

      I am really excited about equipping myself with some different tools to help me become more methodical with strategy development in both transport infrastructure planning (particularly for cycling), and in helping promote cycling, walking and public transport, because I believe that some of the world here will be transferable from cycling to other modes of transport… I’m also keen to learn from other students and I think there will be interesting discussion emerging throughout this course that will help expand my understanding of cycling and transport planning.

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      Hello everybody! I am Bruno, I am Brazilian and at the moment I live in Portugal, where I am a master’s student in Urban Engineering.
      Since my graduation, the question of the majority of Brazilian cities having grown-up “car-centered” has intrigued me a lot. This situation was even the subject of my final course work, which aimed to study sustainable alternatives for urban circulation. So I came for a master’s degree and now I have the opportunity to study this issue further and try to learn how to change this paradigm and start planning and making Brazilian cities more “people-centered”. I have also taken the “Designing the Cycling City” course, and now with this course, I intend to further deepen my perception of how to focus city design on people’s needs and perceptions. I am available for discussions on the topic and whatever else appears during the course. Let’s build people-centered cities together! Count on me!

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      Padmadip Joshi

      Greetings from Rajkot, India. I am Padmadip Joshi, a project management professional with a civil engineering background, an alumnus of NICMAR, Pune, and CEPT University, Ahmedabad. I am a Certified Associate in project management and Lean six sigma (Green Belt). I currently work as an NMT Intern at ICLEI South Asia for #Cycles4Change Challenge Rajkot Smart City.

      I am a Senior Mentor at NICMAR Startup club and run a Podcast Channel with two of my batchmates ‘Conversations with Reinforced Engineers’. I am even fond of writing articles and have successfully published two articles at metro rail magazines, and on Linkedin as well.

      In the past I did the course by HUMANKIND ‘Designing the CYcling City’ and that cleared few doors of opportunities for me to work with Urban Consultants working on NMT infrastructure. I am here to learn, understand the global trends, and apply it for my pilot projects. Happy to connect with you all!

      At last, I would also like to thank Trey Hahn for designing the course and helping me with the financial aid.

      Let’s get connected: linkedin.com/in/padmadipjoshi

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      Hristina Bojkova

      Hi! I am Hristina, I live in Munich for 13 years now and I am a Learning and Development Professional. I have a lot of experience in designing and running participatory workshops, design thinking and UX research. I am super interested in making cities more friendly to bikes, and this course is unique in that it was bringing together two of my interests: UX design and biking. I am interested at some point to dedicating my career to these topics

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      Hello from Hove, UK. I am Calliope, I am Greek and have been living in the UK since 2006. I am a UX Researcher with a background in Technology, Design and Arts. Throughout the past seven years, I have practised more than 16 research methods, facilitated workshops and designed prototypes for more than ten industries. I have published, presented, travelled the world, worked remote and contributed to my team’s success.

      I got back into cycling in 2015 to commute to work and have changed my lifestyle since. From smoking for 18 years, I moved to Brighton and began cycling a road bike at the South Downs National Park area. Soon enough I joined Audax.uk and have been a member for 2 years now.

      I am naturally interested in cycling and use experience by profession and leisure. In particular, I would like to see how we can collaborate with urban designers to bring a user-centric approach when designing for a safe and enjoyable cycling journey in the cities and beyond. How do we encourage long-distance cycling from city to city?

      Also, I am interested in cycling innovation emergent technologies. The GPS computer even though it looks like our old nokia, it has taken us further and more securely than ever. It has quantified our efforts. But the visual interface is distracting us from the road and can be confusing in complex topographies. I am interested in building voice user interfaces that will augment the cyclists and motorists experience of the road and their peer’s communication.

      Last, I was invited to this course so that I can give feedback and collaborate with Trey where possible.

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      Lauren Rushing

      Great to meet all of you! It’s so nice to hear all your stories and to discover the different paths that have led everyone to this course.

      I’m Lauren, and I went the opposite way from Trey – I moved to NYC this year after living in the Netherlands for three years. I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida whose quintessential sprawled American development I always credit with my original inspiration to pursue a career in urban planning. I come from an environmental science background and my interest in sustainability eventually led me to the world of mobility after learning the impacts of a car-dominated society. I studied as an exchange student in Amsterdam during my masters and feeling the impact of living in a cycling city on my own life and happiness was life changing. Cycling is an incredible tool, that when planned for, is the key to many of the urban issues we face today. I’ve dedicated my career being an expert in bicycle urbanism and promoting design and policy that encourages more people to get on bikes.

      I’ve reviewed this course for Trey and can promise you have a lot to look forward to! Trey’s unique approach of applying traditional UX design principles to designing for cyclists will truly have you thinking in a different way. Along with the conceptual learning, you will leave this course with a knowledge practical methods to use in your work.

      I’m excited to hear your thoughts as you work through the course and look forward to a dialogue!


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      Hi Cycling Enthusiasts,
      I am Esraa Elesawy from Egypt. I did my bachelor degree in Interior Architecture in Egypt and worked on many international cooperation projects back in my homeland and currently finishing my Urban planning master’s degree in France. In March, I was privileged to get a six-month internship at Dutch Cycling Embassy and it helped me to have an insightful professional experience on the cycling world in the Netherlands. I am very interested in promoting cycling for women through urban interventions, therefore, it is important to have hands-on gender user experience in this respect in hopes of creating an urban realm that manifests for higher rates of gendered cycling.

      I am so thrilled to start the course soon, aren’t you?

      Wishing you all the best!

      Esraa Elesawy

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      Hello all! My name is Axel and I just graduated from the landscape architecture program at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. I am currently working with a Swedish cycling NGO to develop a simple method to analyze bicycle networks. I have a big interest in sustainable mobility.

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      Kari Ostroot

      Hi Everyone,
      I’m Kari and I’m excited to participate. I’m from the U.S. where I got my bachelor’s degree in architecture, but did a study abroad year in Copenhagen, Denmark turned me into a passionate urbanist and I returned to the city to get my master’s degree in what is called Nordic Urban Planning Studies. I wrote my thesis on urban mobility and the human-scale, and I am very interested in these topics and want to continue my education in the field to aid in my job search!

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      Ivy Gichuki

      Hi Everyone,

      I’m Ivy, from Kenya. I have a Bachelors degree in Urban planning and I’m currently studying a Masters degree in GIS and Remote sensing.
      This course is exciting as it will enable me to link urban spaces in the Geo Bubble we live in. Vibrant cities are dependent on the number of people they support. With urban mobility, cities are guaranteed to be the lifeline of many businesses and other human activities. Non- motorized transport is the most sustainable way of developing cities and with that in mind, I hope to learn more about Urban Mobility through this course.

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      Timothy Migliore

      Hi All,

      I am Tim and I have studied Research in Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam and currently work within New York City Transit. While my focus now a days is around public transportation I would like to broaden and revisit the studies I had of cycling infrastructure, particularly the time I have greatly experienced in Amsterdam. I hope this course enlightens me further.

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      Trey Hahn

      Hi all, welcome! Great to read about where you’re coming from.

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      Samuel IJsselmuiden

      Great to meet everyone! I’m Samuel, an aerospace engineer getting back to where the Wright Brothers started – with bicycles! I’m co-founder of a startup that makes electric bicycles accessible to anyone. I’m excited to learn more how to work with (or around ;-)) urban infrastructure to promote cycling and help transform the many places around the world to more human-centric cities!

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      Good morning,

      I’m Paulo, chilean but currently working in Italy as a PM in MaaS projects. As a transport engineer I’m looking forward to start this course.

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      Hello World 🙂 My name is Katya, I own and run a small bike shop in Katy, TX (suburb of Houston, TX), and as a bike commuter I engage with my community leaders to encourage more investment in local bike infrastructure. I am constantly educating myself in current best people-focused infrastructure design practices, and I am looking forward to learning it in a systemic approach through this course rather just intuitive, as it has been for me 🙂 .

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      Elena Colli

      Hello everyone! I’m a passionate urban cyclist disguised as an academic working on sustainable mobility with my PhD in Urban Studies 🙂 I come from a very car dependent town in the suburbs of Reggio Emilia (Italy) but I live & cycle in Milan since 2013. I decided to take this course because I really enjoyed the “Unraveling the cycling city” course by the University of Amsterdam so I decided to keep discovering the amazing potential of online courses.

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      I’m Chris Trueman from Melbourne Australia.

      I’m an Active Transport activist. Check out watag.org for more information about this.

      I am a retired engineer, IT professional and enterprise start-up entrepreneur. I’ve had interesting industry engagement in packaging, paper, pharmaceutical and food sectors, and management and IT experience in health. I’ve has experience in advertising development, sales and marketing, and developed a boutique business accommodation start-up which has now been in business for over 20 years.

      After retirement I gained experience in East Timor. I spent 8 years conceiving and developing an innovative aid concept. I secured East Timor President Xanana Gusmao and former Governor General of Australia Sir William Deane as Patrons, and the support of Australian and Timorese Governments at the highest levels.

      For the last 8 years I’ve concentrated on local matters by advocating for better planned neighbourhoods with an emphasis on increasing Active Transport use which is safer and more convenient to the point where it gains much wider acceptance. I’ve done this in the context of similar national and international efforts.

      I’m an active cyclist with riding experience in 16 countries.

      I have a wide and growing circle of contact on LinkedIn. Connect with me there if you like.

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      Hello Everyone!
      Apologies for a late a introduction.

      I am Abhishek – from New Delhi, India, but immigrated to Toronto, Canada last year (right before they all shut down the borders and emergencies were declared). I’m a home cook and cycling enthusiast and have completed my Masters in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech Atlanta, and hold a bachelors in architecture from school of planning and architecture Delhi. while I no longer practice architecture, I have a since finishing college focused on designing of spaces between the built and how people access such spaces and interact.

      I work as a sustainable cities and transport consultant with World resources Institute and have continued engagement with my team in India while i look for work in Canada – which hasn’t been easy in the pandemic. Cycling and walking in this new city through its lakefront trails and greenways along ravines has been helpful to retain my mental sanity, I thought to engage with other fellow cycling enthusiasts globally and refresh some of the theoretical concepts around NMT infrastructure and be a better professional.

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      Noam Martin

      Hi everyone,
      I’m Noam from Geneva Switzerland. I have a master degree in urban development and working for the local “cyclist-lobby” Pro-Vélo.
      I’m looking to extend my academical knowledge to analyse cycling-infrastructure.

      I’m looking for someone who can review my assignment (week 6 Peer review) please let me know if anyone is in the same situation.



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      Trey Hahn

      Hi Noam, welcome and apologies for the delay with the peer review! It looks like there are some people close to the peer review assignment part, so let’s hope someone else is ready soon. I imagine motivation and concentration are tough for many right now due to the COVID-19 situation, perhaps that’s a reason.

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      KuanYeh Chou

      Hola! I am Kanya from Taiwan! I just graduated from the master of Transportation Systems in the Technical University of Munich, and want to further develop my knowledge and horizen of planning human-oriented transportation. Hopefully, I will have new insights into new methods and perspectives for designing a bike-friendly environment!

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      Margo Fredericks

      Hejsa! My name is Margo and I recently finished my masters in ‘Sustainable Cities’ in Copenhagen, DK where I primarily focused on sustainable mobility. I have a bachelors in architecture from Minnesota, USA but chose wonderful Copenhagen to pursue my career to learn from some of the best.

      I’m taking this course because I am very interested in human behaviour and recognise the change we need comes from both the user and the system. I’m already halfway through the course and have appreciated the cross-disciplinary theories and processes. The tools that have been introduced are tangible, easy to understand, and easy to include in design processes. Thanks!

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      Hi! 🙂
      I am Luiza Maciel, I was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil – where I also currently live in. I am an architect and urban planner, an M.Sc. in European Urban Studies, and a Certified Specialist in Traffic and Transport. In Brazil, I was involved in the development of two masterplans in the field of cycling – one in Fortaleza and another in the Metropolitan Region of Recife. Although I am an architect, I have been working in the field of consultancy for the past years, therefore the design is not really my streght. Still, I hope I can learn a lot and improve my skills in this matter aiming to be able to better contribute to the development of cycling systems in Brazilian cities.

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      Erik Stefanek

      Hi everyone, I am Erik form Slovakia – Europe. I currently run a small IT business and I am an active member of a cycling organisation. I am trying to integrate modern IT technologies to cycling and of course also integrate cycling in to our cities and minds. I think it is important to learn how to do it in the right way, to make things work. 🙂

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      Hi all,
      I am Adrian, student of Spatial planning based in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava, currently finishing my master degree. Also I am a member of one of the local councils in the city. The programme Spatial planning is interdisciplinary oriented, consists of many fields and integrates them mostly in land-use and strategic planning. The reason I joined this course is that I would like to deepen my knowledge in the field of designing people oriented infrastructure in more detailed way.

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      Angela Azzolino

      Hi everyone,
      I’m Angela. I’m joining you all from New York City. I founded a program, named Get Women Cycling, to support female-identifying/gnc individuals in urban cycling. I’ve working been in the cycling space since 2015 advocating, teaching, and partnering with government and non-government entities to make cycling more accessible and equitable for all. Prior to working with Get Women Cycling I was a user experience designer. So, I’m very excited to get back to my roots with this course! 🙂

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      Vitor Monteiro

      Hello everyone!
      I am Vitor, Portuguese living in Singapore.


      I love cycling, back in Portugal we would cycle in groups, every weekend.

      Portugal has incredibly beautiful landscapes and there is no better way to take them in than on a little tour, alongside rivers, entering cities through fortified medieval gates.


      I work in Singapore in a last mile delivery company. I have found myself struggling a little bit, lately, with just how unsustainable this “30 min delivery from the moment payment is received” movement is.


      I am joining this course to open up to new ideas and pursue a more sustainable path.





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      Hi everyone, this is Daria

      I’m Russian,  living and working in Singapore for last 2.5 years, prior to this I worked in India for 2 years.

      I’m working in venture capital company that supports tech companies expanding to Asia. Urban Mobility is one of our focus areas and we constantly source tech companies in the fields of route optimization, geospatial mapping, sustainable infrastructure, on demand pooling and more.. Asia is experiencing rapid urbanization and is a home to > 50 % of the world’s megacities (more than 10 M inhabitants), so the cities here are developing very fast, nut not always in a sustainable manner.

      At the same time I am a cycling enthusiast and enjoy to cycle with my husband. I always feel excited to learn more about cycling culture in Netherlands and hope more and more cities globally (especially in Asia) will embrace it soon.

      I’m looking forward to getting new ideas and understanding better urban cycling and  from design thinking perspective.




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      Trey Hahn

      Hi all, welcome! I hope you enjoy the course, and reflect on your own cycling experiences in the process.

      Cheers, Trey

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      Mark Gill

      Hi! My name is Mark. I’m from the dysfunctional cycling city of Dublin but I am currently living in the functional cycling city of Copenhagen. It’s nice to know both cities very well and understand the cultural thinking, which both inhibits and improves cycling conditions in both places.

      I retrained as an architect and recently graduated as an urban designer and planner in Denmark. I have become fascinated with the impact of transport on urban space, the environment and people’s quality of life. I am developing a specialty in active travel as I believe this is where I can best make a difference.

      I have a lifelong love of the bicycle and have had many diverse and amazing experiences on my bike all around the world. As I am classified as a ‘strong and fearless’ cyclist I understand that I have blind spots when it comes to truly understanding the user experience for less experienced and less abled cyclists. Thus, I’m very interested in learning the methods and tools in this course to have a better sense of how to design safer and more user-friendly experiences for all. It’s great that  I can also apply the the UX tools to other modes, such as walking and indeed, obtain interesting international perspectives from the other people in this group.

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      Trey Hahn

      Welcome! Wonderful to hear interest in learning about people’s experiences, even for everyday people are who aren’t (yet) “cyclists”. This is key to making cycling accessible and inclusive. Hope you enjoy the course!


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      Vaidehee Honap


      I’m Vaidehee. I’m from Pune, India. Currently a student of Landscape Design in Brisbane, Australia.

      I also studied Transport planning in one of the units in my coursework which led me to enrol in this course out of interest and curiosity.

      I’m not a pro-cyclist yet I’d call myself enthusiast. The cycling experience in my hometown in India and in Australia has its own differences and they feel like huge differences to me. Their needs are different thus the infrastructure.

      Thanks Trey and team for this initiative! Looking from worm’s eye view here, I’m looking forward to take away basic POD (people oriented design) and BUX principles to use it as lenses to look at the context around.

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      Trey Hahn

      Welcome, Vaidehee! Great goal for takeaways!

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      My name is Ayobami, a Nigerian, a graduate of urban  and regional planning, looking at the possibility of undertaking my MSc once  admission window opens in 2022. Giving the  daily issues of climate change, I want to get myself up to speed on how to minimize if not eliminate the issue that bring about climate change of which mode of transportation (fossil fuel) is a major culprit. Implementation of bicycle lanes ìn Copenhagen and recently Bacelona spurred my interest  in human oriented movement. Looking forward to an an enriching and eventful time here. Thank uou.

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      Fabio Latino

      Hi! My Name is Fabio and I am coming from Switzerland. I have a background in Architecture and Urban Design and work in digitalisation of urban planning processes.

      I am a cycling enthusiast and one big interest of mine is the design of public space. I have been working as a researcher and digital designer in relation to UX and the environment in which we live, for this reason I thought this course could be a great way to learn new things!


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      Riccardo Sempio

      Hello everyone, I am Riccardo Sempio, and currently live in Turin, Italy. For the past five years, I have been pursuing a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Terriotriorial, Environmental and Urbanisitic Planning. Since childhood, I have had a great passion for geography and cities worldwide. As of today, I am looking for my first job and decided to take this course to expand my knowledge.

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      David Orr

      Hi all, my name is David. I am an urban designer and landscape architect in the UK. My background is in street and public realm design, along with masterplanning new developments and communities. I have worked in architectural practice, large multidiscipline practices and small engineering practice, and now work as an independent consultant.  I also get involved in design review on national and local panels. I am interested in UXD as this has not been part of my training fioramlly, though have read a little on it. I am interested in how this should affect how I design and how I advise others to design.

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      Krystn Orr

      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Krystn Orr. I am a physical activity specialist and project consultant in Canada. My background is in critical disabilities at the intersection of recreational activities (PhD from the University of Toronto) and now work with our municipal government’s public health services to create a safe and welcoming active and sustainable transportation environment. Personally, I am an avid cyclist and excited to merge my interests in accessibility/inclusion/equity and cycling.

      In the past, I have taken a UXD course through Google.

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      Katherine Johanna

      Hola, soy Katherine, de Bogotá, Colombia; soy ciclista urbana y trabajo actualmente, como Asistente de Operaciones en Tembici Colombia, para el Sistema de Bicicletas Compartidas de Bogotá; estoy interesada en este curso para obtener perspectivas distintas a la propia y a las de mi ciudad, con el fin de continuar desarrollando mi perfil profesional y mi experiencia como ciclista urbana. Gracias por ofrecer este curso.

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      Mehmet Alper Koc



      My name is Alper. I am from Ankara, Turkiye. I am a civil engineer with experience in urban road & intersection management, safety, design, ITS applications and urban logistics. With my colleagues in my company, we try to enrich ourselves in the field of design and operation of cycling infrastructure, which is in short supply and is substandard, currently in Turkiye.


      I have visited the Netherlands and attended several sessions hosted by numerous experts in multiple Dutch cities, big and small, and saw firsthand what a cycling-friendly and cycling-centric urban transportation fabric can be. That only heightened my passion and eagerness for more knowledge in the field of cycling as a means of everyday transport of people and goods.


      Looking forward to the sessions and more material from BUX and EIT UMA.

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      Marta Busetto

      Hello everyone,

      I am Marta, i am italian but i live and work in Lisbon, Portugal. I have a background in Environmental Law and Management and I currentlçy work for a consultancy firm on Innovation and Fundraising. I am also a passionate cyclist, I’ve travelled with the bike all over Portugal and on a daily base in Lisbon. I’ve noticed though that netiehr the city neither the cycling community here are particulary inclusive and, even though after the Covid pandemic I’ve seen an important growth in the number of cyclists around it is still nothing compared to others EU capitals. Therefore i am interested to learn more about how to make the urban space “cycling friendly” to potentially propose and implemente some of the strategies here.

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