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      George Liu

      Tell us:
      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?
      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?
      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

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      Lucy Henriques

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Lucy and I’m an urban planner and architect based in Berlin, Germany. I currently work at the integrated urban planning team at Arup Berlin, where we deal with a myriad of urban projects, both public and private, as well on different scales (regional, city-wide, local, etc.)

      1. The areas of expertise I identify with range from the more technical ones, like landscaping, urban planning, to the more “soft data”-oriented, like urban design, psychology, anthropology, placemaking, sociology, service design, among others. I think I’m interested on every expertise that focuses on how infrastructure can promote a better quality of life, considering the human scale.

      2. I’m not sure, but I think I can bring a set of tools and different perspectives to the group. Being these tools technical, quantitative, or qualitative, empirical or not, I think I can bring an interdisciplinary approach to the table. Also, living in Germany, I can bring the perspective of someone living in a country that is much car-oriented, with a strong economy and automobile industry, and has barriers on turning itself into a more cycling-friendly one.

      3. E-Mail: lucy.henriques@arup.com, Twitter: @lucyhenriques, Website: lucyhenriques.com


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      I’m Sebastian and im a junior architect from Bogota, capital and largest city in Colombia.

      I’ve been enrolled to urban designs & studies since I started at the University.

      I believe I can give you a formal perspective around cycling infrastructure (inside urban areas) having on mind that I’ve been using the bicycle as my vehicle for 7 years + I have cycled in different cities on my country and Europe such as Amsterdam, Berlin or Malaga and I can tell the differences between them without forget their economic, climatic, geographical or social factors.

      Although Covid-19 has transformed our society, I can relate that micro-mobility is going to have a protagonist and strongest role in urban design from now.

      My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastián-g-tovar/

      Gracias c:

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      Loïc Mathaud

      Hi there!

      1. I’m just a person who rides a bike a decided to launch a non-profit organization with friends in our city in France to help and lobby about bike infrastructures.
      2. I don’t have any academic knowledge about urban planning or designing cities but I’m a web developer and I think it can help me thinking about systems, how they work, connect to each others.
      3. You can reach me @loicmathaud on Twitter.

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      Jo-Anne Burgess

      Hi I’m Jo-Anne. I’m a bicycle mechanic with a bicycle advocacy nonprofit. My work helps get people in underserved communities on bikes because what’s the point of infrastructure if people don’t have bikes to use it? Our focus is mostly on transportation justice.
      I don’t know that my work can help everyone but if you live in a city/area that often sees bikes abandoned around town or school campuses I can share how we redistribute bikes like that to the community so that everyone can have the same chance at getting around free of cost.

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      Hello everyone!

      1. This is Chen Munn from Singapore. My background is in Civil Engineering and Transport Planning, but I’m doing more business development now (it’s been 20 years in the transport industry). I’ve always been interested in bicycle infrastructure design, having been involved in the transformation of Singapore’s first cycling town (Tampines) since 2005, and also been involved in several projects to advocate safe cycling here and in building the ‘first’ set of infrastructure in Singapore.
      2. But just like in the Netherlands and other cycling cities, we need to make room for improvements in design and for expansion of infrastructure. Things have to be dynamic. I’m always on the lookout to see what can be improved for cyclists and for other road users. I may not be in the ‘right job’ now to directly design infrastructure, but I’d like to give informed advice and contribute as an experienced transport/bicycle professional.
      3. I’m certainly open to discussions on how to influence designs for better cycling infrastructure in cities. My email is chenmunn@gmail.com and I can be found on LinkedIn as well. Hope to connect to like-minded advocates here.

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      Hi, I am Charlie Halliday from Hampshire in the South of England.
      I came back to cycling when I was about 40 and some 30 years later it is still my main means of local transport.
      I have been a local cycling advocate for some years.
      I don’t have any qualifications in civil engineering or transport planning but I am aiming to become a well informed lay person.
      I hope that the course will help us to have informed discussions with the local highways authority, influence them and put forward practical ideas for improvement.

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      Kate Seal

      I’m Kate, living in Oxford and very interested in becoming more informed and able to contribute (from the ‘interested public’ point of view) to the current debates on active travel in Oxford city. I don’t have a car – only a bicycle. My area of expertise is ROAD USER IN COMPETITION WITH CARS AND LORRIES! I am convinced that if we can make bicycling safe (actually physically safe and also perceived as safe) we can transform Oxford. Scarily, Oxford is one of Britain’s most cycled cities – but the infrastructure is pitiful. katejseal@gmail.com Twitter: @ktclcb

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      james laing

      What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      Hello. I work for a transport consultancy in Australia and my main passion is active travel. I design a lot of cycle infrastructure but am constantly wanting to improve my knowledge.

      I have a very inclusive approach to cycling and really try to focus on very different types of journeys. Too often its all about the commute and I spend a lot of time trying to ensure we have good infrastructure at a very local level too.

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      Karen Bird

      Hello all,

      I live in York, England and despite claims of the city being “cycle friendly/a cycle city” I don’t entirely agree as the infrastructure is sporadic and disjointed. I would like to see a faster transformation so the roads are safer and the city cleaner. I remain hopeful and if I can help the process then all good 🙂

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      Hi all,

      My name is Pierrick and I’m an IT engineer and I’m a daily cyclist in Rouen, France where cycling modal share is only 1%.

      I’m involved in a cyclist association which aim to promote cycling locally and works closely with the local public organisations in charge of transportation and urbanism (cities, metropole…). We are pushing ideas of urban designs for cycling. That’s why I would like to deepen my knowledge and professionalize what we are proposing.

      You can find me on twitter @pierrickblons

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      Liz Irvin

      Hi, I’m Liz and I work as a transport planner in Cambridge, the cycling capital of the UK. We’re possibly the only place in the English speaking world with cycling levels approaching those of the Dutch, with around 30% of trips made by cycle. I’m originally from Australia (Melbourne) and have also lived in Canada (Quebec City/North Bay, ON), and I’ve worked or volunteered in cycling advocacy in all three countries.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?
      I am a scientist turned engineer turned transport planner, with a few years of cycling advocacy under my belt. I think coming to transport planning from an unrelated background serves as a benefit for me, as I have no assumptions about what is or isn’t possible on our streets. I focus on cycling as much as possible in my work and have had the opportunity be be involved in projects across the UK.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?
      I firmly believe that cycling is at least part of the solution to most problems we face as a society. Thankfully this isn’t a unique perspective, although it can sometimes feel that way. I try to be a positive and enthusiastic spokesperson for cycling, and I work towards making cycling infrastructure more inclusive to enable cycling for all. Seeing the low traffic levels during Covid has made me realise how much of our streets are already cycling infrastructure in disguise, and I want to work to keep at least some of them that way.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.
      On Twitter I am @Velizipede, and my LinkedIn profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizirvin/

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      Laura Keegan

      Hey everyone,

      My name is Laura. I’m from Dublin and work as an account manager for a social media monitoring company. I have no formal background in transport or architecture, but have always been a bit obsessed by transport, cities and creating places. Dublin is a bit of a scary place to cycle (as anyone who might have attended last years Velocity will know), so I actually don’t cycle much in the city but spend a lot of time thinking about how it could be better served by cycling and advocating on social media alongside local advocacy groups for improved infrastructure.

      I don’t really have any specific expertise that I identify with. Because of my lack of formal learning, I have picked up a variety of insights from a lot of different sources online. So a lot of what I know comes not just from cycling urbanism, but understanding how streets should work in terms of public space, transport both active and public, and the scale and purpose of the buildings surrounding them. I tend to walk around cities I visit, looking at their infrastructure and design, noticing things that are done well or could be improved and thinking how we could do something similar in Dublin. I also spend a lot of time pointing these things out to my very patient girlfriend!

      I’m not sure what perspective I’ll be able to provide but I’m always curious and eager to delve into things that are new or that I don’t know much about. Hopefully I can share some knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, but I have a feeling I’ll learning a lot more from all of you! On twitter I’m @takeithandy

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      George Liu

      Hi Everyone! An excellent first day of forum posts. It was a pleasure reading your posts and great getting to know you all 🙂

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      Jesús Fuentes

      Hello there! My name is Jesús Fuentes and I’m a civil engineer from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with? During my 15+ years of experience in project management in southeast Florida, I’ve been involved in the inspection, administration, and completion of several transportation projects for the Florida Department of Transportation, the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority, and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority; and more recently, in mobility improvement projects such as buffered/conventional bike lanes, shared use pathways, bikeways (on low-volume streets), woonerfs, as well as mass transit and walkability improvements for different municipalities.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling? Having being involved in the construction of +11 miles of shared use pathways, +10 miles of bicycle lanes, & +3 miles of other bikeways so far in last 5 years has led me to become a mass transit, complete streets, and “Vision Zero” advocate working to create more accessible, walkable, and bikeable places for all types users.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you. Twitter: @jesusfuentes80. LInkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jesusf80.

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      Ramon Campos

      My name is Ramon Campos, I’m a tax lawyer in Juarez, Mexico. I am deeply interested in local politics and urban/community improvement.
      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with? Law, public administration, Governmental Budget, Taxation and public revenue
      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      I think that my deep understanding of municipal, local and federal legislation can help in the identification of opportunity areas for the structuring and implementation of public policies for transportation issues.

      3) You can reach me @camposjramon on twitter

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      James Hatler

      Hi I’m James Hatler and I am a Streetcar Operator and Transit / Transportation Enthusiast from Kansas City, Missouri, United States

      My expertise mostly comes from City Planning computer games like Sim City and Cities Skylines. I also have a Bachelor’s in Political Science.

      I’m hoping to provide good questions and the perspective of a citizen in a car-oriented American city.

      You can find me on Facebook.

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      Vanda Benolich

      My name is Vanda and I am a newly graduated geographer and urban planner based in Padua, Italy.

      1) I identify with areas of expertise such as urban planning and in particular urban design with the aim of influencing travel behavior. My research approach uses big data and more qualitative investigations in small neighborhoods. My interest is concentrated on social dynamics in public spaces and how to implement community life: a more pedestrian/cycle city is a healthier and more supportive place.

      2) I am sure there must be a transition to more sustainable mobility. My research field is walkability and I have a multidisciplinary approach which can be a stimulus to new reflections. My passion for two wheels begins at the age of 4 and has increased more and more: I am a former competitive cyclist and I have never had a driving license, my journey is made on foot, by bike or by public transport.

      3) e-mail: vanda.benolich@gmail.com – linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanda-benolich-b8645a13b


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      Hi there! My name is Esraa Elesawy.

      1- I originally studied interior architecture and currently pursuing my master’s degree in urban planning in France.

      2- Being born in a middle eastern country where there are no real cycling practices done by women has motivated me to explore that machine and move out of my comfort zone in order to discover how that two-wheeled vehicle can manifest for women liberty. Merging between both interior architecture and urban planning to achieve women emancipation is my fuel to equip myself with technical knowledge, keep reading and learning about cycling to set up my career journey.

      3- You can find me through https://www.linkedin.com/in/esraael-esawy/


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      My name is Robin and I am a traffic planner from the Netherlands currently living in Southern Sweden, close to Copenhagen just on the other side of the border.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?
      I am a traffic planner with a broad interest in urban design. I have always been curious about how traffic is part of our cities. I like to contribute to cities that are more liveable and more friendly to people walking and cycling.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?
      I have lived and worked in a number of places around the world. I always feel more connected to a city when I can go out and walk or bike. Growing up in the Netherlands I naturally cycled a lot, and I still try to do that here in Sweden and Denmark. My experience from various countries lets me see many differences and similarities. It helps me to connect solutions to challenges and adapting them where needed.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.
      Yes, you can find me on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/robin-van-der-griend-76a2b123 and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/robin.vandergriend

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      Hello everyone!
      My name is Ruane, I´m a brazilian civil engineering living in Barcelona. I came here to specialize me in the mobility area, so I’m making a master in Smart Mobility. The way people move in here is totally different then in Sao Paulo, a car city, and I’ve changed my vision about it as I experienced the safety feeling of riding a bike in a place that has infraestructure to do so. So now, I’m looking forward to focus in this type of transportation.

      I’m still learnig about this specific area, but I think that I can contribute with the vision of living in a city full of cars and coming to a place that safety and infraestructures to cycle really matters.

      My linkedin profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruane-gracio-5718a4109/

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      Hello everybody!

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?
      I am a transportation engineer, and I am working as a freelance transport planner and consultant, mainly in Greece.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?
      The peculiarities of any Greek city, e.g., small urban blocks, narrow roads, narrow sidewalks, limited urban green, high population density, inadequate public transport service, combined with the delinquent driving behaviors, the poor traffic law enforcement and the growing demand for safe and comfortable cycling infrastructure are a challenge for every transportation engineer and every infrastructure design manual!

      3) Name & social media information
      My LinkedIn profile is linkedin.com/in/anna-gogola-5a030232

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      Stephen Williams

      I m studying a masters degree in urban planning and hope to move into this field.

      I have spent 15 years working in the insolvency sector dealing with failed businesses. Over that time I have seen huge changes in business, particularly the retail sector, and so I understand the challenges and trends we are facing in an increasingly digital age.

      The coronavirus will lead to huge changes in where we do business, how, and travel.

      I also ran for political office and so understand the political difficulties in arguing for cycle infrastructure, especially in cities that are strapped for cash and earn revenue from car parks.

      I live in Swansea, arguably the UK’s most car dependant city. Despite the city authority refusing to install cycle infrastructure, there is huge pent up demand, with cycling increasing 300% during lockdown with cars off the road.

      Twitter = @steveofswansea

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      Graham McAteer

      Hello everyone!

      My name is Graham, and I have a background in civil engineering with a focus on transport. For nearly a decade now I have worked in road construction which has given me an intimate knowledge of just how expensive and wasteful motorised infrastructure is. I bring an analytical mind and extensive industry knowledge in road building and motorised transport issues to the class.

      I look forward to engaging with you all on cycling related coursework!


      My linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/graham-mcateer-2190b9b1/

      • #26272

        Hey Graham! Did not expect to see someone from BMHS or UNB taking this course!! Didn’t realize you were in it until you posted the picture of the walking bridge in Fredericton. Small world!

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      Shannon Hill

      Hi there! My name is Shannon and I’m an urban planner, Australian trained and worked for 20 years, but currently based in New York City. I currently work for a non-profit where I happily teach planning, architecture and heritage programs to elementary aged public school kids.

      1. My expertise primarily lies in urban planning and design, with my most recent work involving greenfields, outer suburb project. Many of these projects were car based, with bicycle planning an afterthought, if at all. Having now spent 5 years in NYC I daily see the benefits of how greater transport options improve mobility for everyone, but also how we can, and still need to, do so much better from an equity perspective. I also know I need to learn more about how our streets can be made safer for everyone, and that the idea of safe can be different across race, gender and age.

      2. I can offer several perspectives regarding designing for cycling. Living in two quite different cities (Melbourne, Australia and now NYC) has provided me with different experiences and knowledge on what our cycling infrastructure looks like, how it is used, and how it is perceived. Additionally, as an urban planner, I bring the policy based perspectives together with knowing the implementation of the policy is equally important. Earlier this year I completed the ‘Unraveling the Cycling City’ course which provided me with a strong theory and policy base from which to build on, and now I’d like to understand the practical implementation better.

      3. Shannon Hill, @shannonhill_tw, linkedin.com/in/shannon-hill-29191030

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      Hello everyone! My name is Bruno Couto Oliveira, I’m a brazilian civil engineering living in Portugal. I’m here for a master’s degree in Urban Engineering.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?
      The areas of expertise that I identify with are generally everything about making cities more for people and less for cars, which is certainly related to improvements in the pedestrian and cycling mobility.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?
      I think the most important point about my unique perspective and experience is that I’ve lived in car-centric cities almost my entire life. In my last city in Brazil until coming to Portugal, Brasilia, essentially built for cars, even short trips are very difficult to be made on foot or by bicycle, and I think it makes me “an expert” in what we shouldn’t do with the cities, specially when we talk about turning them in cycling cities.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.
      We can talk about this course and everything related with urban mobility on linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brunocouto1408 or by email: bruno_couto14@yahoo.com.br

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      Tarik Qirem

      Hi, My name is Tarik Qirem. I’m a highway/traffic engineer who lives and works in London.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?
      As mentioned previously I am a Highway/Traffic Engineer by trade. I have been involved with a local authority in approved different sized housing developments and have always tried to ensure that cycling is at the head of the queue when a layout is being considered and not something just tacked on as an afterthought.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?
      I have been commuting by bike for a number of years and I’m also what we call here in the UK a ‘weekend warrior’ who has a nice(r) bike for riding with my cycle club and will regularly do rides of 100km+. When I’m riding and approaching junctions etc and interacting with other traffic I try and figure out how things could be improved. A number of people in the UK refuse to ride as the traffic scares them, I would like to remove what they see as dangers.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

      Tarik Qirem


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      1 I’m a journalist from Moscow Russia and the author of urban cycling blog velonation.bike

      2 I can tell stories. It might be useful than you cont to promote new ideas and convince people.

      3 Anastasia @romasheda (Twitter)

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      My name is Ali, and I’m a transport engineering based in Glasgow. Actually I’m the Transport Engineering lecturer at University of Glasgow where I’m currently revamping our courses to focus on active travel (walking, wheeling* and cycling) in urban areas. I’m really interested to see how George and Lior and able to present and teach the various design concepts.

      My unique perspective? Perhaps what I can bring is some perspective on the “traffic engineering” mindset and how that creates poor design resolutions where it comes to cycling. I think within the is the concept of control, where in traffic engineering everything gets clogged up pretty quickly unless we control the flow. With pedestrians then you really don’t need to control anything apart from specific situations, like a stadium emptying. But where does designing for cycles fit into that? Somewhere imbetween or somewehere completely different.

      *wheeling is a term we use in the UK to refer to a range of non/partially motorised options. Such as wheelchairs, power-chairs, scooters (although e-scooters currently illegal in UK).

      Twitter@ @alistairmccay

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      mistaken post, I cant work out how to delete. sorry.

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      Hi! I am Camila from Mexico City.

      I have a special interest in sustainable active mobility, public transport, and public space. I have studied and worked on these topics for a while now, and love to use the bike to commute in cities.

      I wish to contribute to this group by exchanging opinions and knowledge on how thinking, designing, and making bicycle-friendly places, can help us to accelerate the pace of the necessary transformation of cities worldwide. The urge to transform them into livable, human, just and particularly sustainable places. Thinking together how can we participate in preventing the deterioration of our planet. I wish we can activate ourselves and jointly bring more solutions to the table to speed up the change we need.


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      Nick Sully


      My name is Nick and I live just outside Toronto, Canada.

      1. I have studied both engineering and planning in university. I am currently working in the engineering field.

      2. In my area, cycling facilities are slowly being introduced, but there is still a long way to go until we have more connected cycling networks. I feel I can bring the perspective of living and working in a region that is still developing a cycling culture. I mostly hope to learn through this course to contribute to better cycling designs in my area.

      3. My LinkedIn is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-sully/

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      Mike Banim

      Hey everyone,

      I’m Mike and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I work in IT so I don’t have a professional background in the area. However I am currently doing an MSc in Sustainable Transport & Mobility in TU Dublin and hope to eventually transition into a mobility-related career. My expertise, such as it is, comes from that, from cycling advocacy with cycling groups I’m a member of, from an interest in mobility generally, and finally from a decent level of exposure to local and community politics over the years.

      These things inform my perspective as well. Beyond that, I got rid of my car last year and now rely on walking, cycling and occasionally public transport for all of my mobility needs. I’m also quite interested in cycling as a solution for the mobility impaired, as I have elderly relatives living in suburban/rural locations, and am acutely aware of the paucity of mobility choices they are presented with due to the design choices that have been made in Ireland over the past 60-70 years.

      You can find me on twitter: @MikeBanim

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      Hi everyone! I’m Arthur, currently living in the Washington DC area. My background is in marketing and venture capital. I am focusing more on the marketing side to gain skills in user experience, web and graphic design. Recently I have been exploring urban planning and design in relation to cities. I want to become more involved in a building an equitable community.

      While I am new to the field and do not have the urban planning and engineering background, I see myself fitting in with outreach and community support. Attending local meetings in my area, I see there is a bridge needed to connect people with understanding these ideas and their impact on the community.

      I am excited to learn from all of you especially those with urban planning and engineering backgrounds. I wish to be able to work together with you to build support for these new designs and infrastructure plans. Having worked with several startups on building their customer base and using social media, I want to be able to bring those lessons over to growing support for more bicycle & pedestrian design in our cities.

      You can find me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthur-ferrer-9788a9152/) .

      Excited to work with you all over the next couple of weeks!

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      Hello, everyone! My name is Doug Gordon and I’m a safe streets and cycling advocate based in Brooklyn, New York. I have written for The New Republic, Curbed, Streetsblog and other media outlets about cities and am also a host of a podcast called “The War on Cars.” You can find me on Twitter where I’m @BrooklynSpoke

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      My professional training is in media and television, so in my activism and current work I like to focus on media images of cycling and how to market or sell ideas about the benefits of building better cities for biking. After many trips to the Netherlands and other cycling-friendly countries and cities, I’m interested in learning more about the specifics of good cycling design to further enhance my ability to explain such concepts to American audiences who might not be familiar with them.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      I approach my activism on the streets as a father first and foremost and want to build a city that’s safe for my children and all children. So the filter I use when thinking about good bicycle urbanism and design is whether or not it works for all ages, or at least down to the age of my son who is seven. As a TV writer and producer who has produced shows on science and history, I think I also bring the perspective of someone who is used to explaining sometimes counter-intuitive topics to mainstream audience. And we all know that explaining concepts such as induced demand or who narrowing streets or adding bike lanes can lead to better traffic flow for all users is a subject that confuses or even angers a lot of people!

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      Kate Seal

      Removing ‘notify me of follow-up replies via email. Email inbox overwhelmed!

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      Padmadip Joshi

      Greeting everyone,

      I am Padmadip Joshi from Rajkot, India. Project management professional (PMI-CAPM with a civil engineering background.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      I recently graduated with a post-graduation degree in project management. In the past, I was involved in two infrastructure projects related to transport as part of my internship. Which gave me real insights on the project initiation analysis and how projects get approval for its implementation.

      Areas of expertise/interests: Market research, Project Proposal, Financial Analysis, traffic and demand forecast analysis, and deep understanding of project management

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      I understand the fragments of detailed project reports and can effectively identify root cause in cities’ infrastructure. I am planning to help my city design a safe infrastructure for cycling. I am an urban transport enthusiast, who likes to promote and work on public transportation and NMT modes for better cities. Safety along with encouragement to all for cycling is the goal of better infrastructure.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

      Name: Padmadip Bhavesh Joshi
      Email: padmadip.joshi@gmail.com
      LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/padmadipjoshi (Let’s get connected and talk about urban mobility and about cycling infrastructure!)

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      Silvia Szokolova

      Hi, I’m Sisa from Slovakia. I am interested in sustainable cities, community spaces and, in particular, sustainable mobility. I do not have academic knowledge of urban planning and designed cities, but I try to help develop cycling in our country. I think I will use the knowledge from this course in the work and projects of my non-profit organization in our small town. I am glad that we will work together to make our cities sustainable and intelligent. I look forward to being inspired by the examples of different places. You can contact me https://www.facebook.com/Siska.Sz or email: ozmasgalanta@gmail.com

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      Hi, I’m Caren, an architect and urban designer with 25 years experience working initially in Brazil, then in London and most recently in Scotland. I’m most interested in the urban design aspect of cycling mobility and how best to apply it to small and large scale masterplanning projects. From the professional perspective I can offer the knowledge acquired during my career. From a personal perpective, I can contribute with my experience as a cyclist in the different places where I have lived and worked. I can be contacted via Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/carensantos/

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      Mariusz Pleban

      Hello everyone! Dzień dobry!
      My name is Mariusz. I live in Warsaw, Poland.
      1) areas of expertise:
      Research. Analytics. Storytelling. I have been running a PR agency in Poland for over then 20 years – OneMulti, a member of Public Relations Global Network. This year I launched a research and storytelling project – InsightOut Lab and this is why I am here. I am interested in the New Reality. Bikes are one of the top new trends becoming new normal. By the way – I do use my bike for my personal transport nearly every day. Yes, as all of you, I am obsessed with that mean of transport. “Copenhagenize. The definitive guide to global bicycle urbanism” a book by Mikael Colville-Anderson is my bible:)
      2) unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling:
      I can bring some more understanding on how to communicate the change. Whom to talk to, how to talk to. I love creative concepts which focus people attention and make them think and change behavior. In fact I want to get from the course as much as possible that helps me in promoting the city cycling in Warsaw and other Polish cities.
      3) contact info:
      Twitter @MariuszPleban
      Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariuszpleban/
      and of course – Facebook/Instagram (look for Mariusz Pleban)
      I can see that this is going to be a great group!
      Let’s keep in touch.

    • #25896

      1) Hi everyone. My name is Dermot Hanney. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland, but have worked professionally the whole time in London over the past 12 years or so. I am a transport planner by trade, though am not an engineer (coming in from Business and Politics degree). I started in Pedestrian Modelling, then moved to doing more public transport planning, before now focusing more on all transport modes to find sustainable solutions to mitigate impacts of long term housing and employment growth plans for regions.

      2) Not only have I had a varied workload professionally in transport, working on pre-feasibility of schemes up to outline design and business case support, but I have lived and frequently visited places around the world that range from the basic to outstanding in terms of cycling city design including Dublin, London, San Diego, Sydney, and Utrecht. Being across such a broad range of cities for any amount of time can really help you appreciate some high quality cycling infrastructure design when you do find it. I’ve recently also taken a particular interest in seeking out high quality cycling infrastructure for London and mapping it out for others to help get the message out on where’s good to cycle http://www.routeplanroll.com

      3) You can reach me on Twitter @hanneyDP and @RoutePlanRoll

    • #25899

      Hi Everyone:

      I am Petrice Espinosa, from the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with? I work for a company called Bikes Make Life Better (www.bikesmakelifebetter.com). We help forward-thinking organizations (mostly companies, but also universities) enhance transportation, sustainability and wellness by providing best-in-class bicycle programs.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling? I have first hand knowledge of corporate bike programs – yes, that’s a thing. I can share what companies along the West Coast of the US are doing to increase the numbers of employees who commute to work.

      Twitter: @EspinosaPetrice

    • #25900
      Jeffrey Geerts

      Hello. My name is Jeff Geerts. I am a program manager/planner with the state of Iowa’s Economic Development Authority in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with? I work with several technical assistance and financial assistance programs that help communities with developing and implementing policies and projects to improve local quality of life. My background is in public administration and program development and not so much in the technical engineering or design field. I am the person that helps identify the resources and connects communities to the resources to help their community’s vision become reality.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling? When working with communities on approaches to revitalization, especially downtown revitalization, we stress taking a holistic approach integrating multiple topics such as historic preservation, transportation, upper-story housing, stormwater management, public art, energy, policy, etc. I may be able to bring some perspectives on thinking creatively about partnerships and leveraging financial resources. It will be interesting to explore the similarities and difference between continents. I’ve helped plan 20 years of study abroad trips to Europe on green urbanism topics for a graduate public administration class at Drake University, so looking forward to getting to know the many European participants in this course.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you. Not a big social media user so far, but am working to be more active. Email: jeff.geerts@iowaeda.com, LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-geerts-04585667/, https://www.iowaeconomicdevelopment.com/Community/green.

    • #25901
      Rebecca Laurel

      My name is Rebecca and I am from Leicester (England).

      1. I am a civil engineering student and studied a module on traffic engineering/transport planning last term.
      2. I cycle as both a sport and a mode of transport, and think that my enthusiasm for cycling will be a great benefit. I have also attended events, such as Open Streets, and seen how streets can be transformed temporarily into a really positive space.
      3. My Twitter is @bikeriderbecca

    • #25906
      Pablo Carreras

      Hello everyone,

      I’m Pablo Carreras, a sustainable mobility consultant in Codra Conseil, an urban planning company in Paris, France. I participate in sustainable urban mobility plans and active mobility plans in several cities in France. I’m taking this course to learn from effective approaches and policies on designing for cycling in The Netherlands. Hopefully, I will be able to implement these ideas in my professional projects.

      Most French cities are way behind Dutch cities in terms of cycling policies and practices. However, they’re implementing ambitious plans to develop cycling in the short term. My experience in French cities can provide ideas on the types of measures that could contribute to rapidly improve cycling, in order to respond to strategic challenges, such as urban accessibility, congestion, pollution and climate change. Paradoxically, most of these measures don’t involve cycling infrastructure, but rather traffic calming and public transport improvements. Moreover, several Cities in France are currently creating temporary bike lanes, to respond to the covid-19 crisis. These measures could greatly improve cycling conditions (if they’re maintained) and they could transform the approach on cycling infrastructure, by encouraging faster and more adaptive measures in the future. I believe that the experiences of French cities could serve as an inspiration for cities that want to strongly increase cycling in the next years, starting from very low cycling levels…

      Here’s my LinkedIn account and here’s my Twitter account.

      I’m looking forward to discussing with all of you on cycling design solutions in cities around the world!

      Pablo Carreras

    • #25907
      Jordi Valero

      Hello everyone
      My name is Jordi Valero, I’m from a area near Barcelona.
      1) I’m freelance environmental consultant, I usually collaborate with urbanistics architects with the environmental analysis of his planning, and I’m a urban cyclist.
      2) I think the naturalization of cities must begin by improving mobility, decarbonization of all process will be a fact. I would like to contribute to this with the development of my professional work.
      3) My contact:

    • #25908
      Mark Woodgate

      Hi, my name is Mark Woodgate and I’m an urban designer from the UK.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with? I have been a cyclist since my school years, I am very keen to explore the role of lighting in safety for cycling infrastructure and in how to make the cycle the first choice for urban transport.
      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling? I have to commute by car, it is too far to travel by bike, and to expensive to use public transport to bridge the gap. The three factors that prevent me from cycling more:
      No separation from car and bus traffic
      No secure bike parking
      Poor road maintenance
      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

    • #25919

      Hi there, my name is Ana and I’m a Spanish entrepreneur in The Netherlands.

      1. Expertise: I have started my own bike tours business in Amsterdam four years ago. So happy I did. Now I can say I have been riding about 4,000 km per year in this cycling paradise.
      2. Unique perspective: I struggled with riding my bike when I first moved to the Netherlands and now I am the witness of fears of others. And it is amazing to see how the bike empowers people, mainly women. I feel I don’t offer a bike tour but therapy 🙂 That beginners’ perspective is my expertise, for sure. On the other hand, I have experimented with the results of the traffic evaporation. It affects directly to my clients’ experience.
      3. I’ll glad to connect with you: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anacastan/

    • #25920

      Hello everyone, my name is Arnout. I am originally from the Netherlands, but I currently live in the SF Bay Area.

      1) I have an engineering background, so I identify with an engineering/scientific method based approach. I am looking for proven design concepts that are safe and encourage cycling and, on top of that, can be applied universally.

      2) Because of my engineering mindset I think that if you come up with a theory of how to improve transportation, safety etc, one has to be able to measure it in real life. This can be, for example reduced travel time, or fewer accidents. At the same time, I realize one has to be careful when setting design goals. E.g. level of service (LOS) is still widely used in the USA and results in cities covered in asphalt which are impossible to navigate for pedestrians and bikes.

      In addition, I think an unique perspective for the Bay Area is that I am from the Netherlands, and that I have personally experienced excellent bicycle infrastructure for most of my life. I know what is possible when cities decide to invest in ped/bike infrastructure, and hire traffic engineers and consultants that know how to design good infrastructure.

      3) LinkedIn profile

    • #26029
      Michael Clark

      Hello, my name is Michael, I am an Urban Planner in London, Ontario, Canada.

      1) I have worked for 4 years as an urban planner doing municipal planning documents (Official Plans, Neighbourhood Plans) as well as land development applications. Before that I worked in a non-profit supporting small businesses, and helping engage the local community and ensure their views were represented in the planning process. I have also gradually begun bike more and more. I start riding my bike to university since it was quick, and easy. I then started racing on a bike as part of triathlons. And recently in my job i have switched to commuting by bike almost every day and year round through snow, slush, rain, and the heat of summer. I bike because, in addition to the environmental benefits, it also reduces my stress, keeps me active and fit, and lets me spend more time outside.
      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling? I live and work in a smaller urban centre (about 400,000 people), which has some older denser areas with narrower streets, but is largely quite a spread out, sprawling city. Our land uses are also quite segregated, with large residential subdivisions, commercial nodes, downtown offices, and industrial areas at the edge of the city. Despite being spread out, the city is small enough that a majority of people could bike to downtown in about 30 minutes. I am interested in how these ideas translate to smaller cities and bring this perspective to the course.
      3) My name is Michael Clark, you can find me on twitter at @MichaelARClark or in LinkedIn.

    • #26030
      Eyal Santo

      Hi all and Shalom from Tel Aviv,

      I am Eyal Santo, please feel welcomed to call me Santo – it’s easier to remember. I am from Tel Aviv, Israel, the city “shamed” by Lior as car-centric, which is undergoing a major change these days – which both Lior and myself take part in. I work for the city of Tel Aviv DOT as director of bicycle and micro mobility pilot projects.

      I am not an urban planner, but I deal with urbanism, sustainable urban mobility and bicycles for the past 12 years. I am not sure what areas of expertise do I identify with, but I am happy to share with you my passions:

      * Tactical urbanism

      * Urban cycle logistics

      * Education – teach the next generations about alternatives and options when it comes to urban mobility, have them demand the options and get them

      I am not sure yet how my unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling, but I promise to share it as soon as I understand it.

      I am happy to be in touch with anyone who wishes to share knowledge and collaborate for the better future of our cities and their people. Here’s where you can find me

      * on Twitter at @eyalsanto

      * on Facebook at my UMo – Urban Mobility page https://www.facebook.com/UMo-Urban-Mobility-571597929606809/

      And finally, I am inviting you to watch the talk I gave at Digital World Bike at https://youtu.be/NhAuj8QyyXk

      Thank you,


    • #26031
      Maria Lorena Puche

      Hi everyone, I’m Maria Lorena Puche, a civil engineer living in Miami, FL USA.

      1.     What areas of expertise do you identify with?  I’ve about 8 years of experience in city management and public administration. My research interests lie in the area of urban transportation systems as well as the future of sustainable mobility including innovative concepts such as Mobillity-as-a-Service (MaaS).  I came from a country where the dominance of cars has caused that transportation modes are known to be ill functioning, and moreover, where cars give to people a status in the society.

      2.     How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?  My experience in the Governance and regulation of Transportation Networks Systems, has led me to meet a balance relationship between the platforms provider and the citizens, understanding that public participation is a key factor in the implementation of any project.  Then, I strongly believe that bikes can be the opportunity to break away from the dominance of cars however, in order to implement these projects and move toward this transportation mode it’s fundamental to involve our communities making them main actors in the design and implementation of the projects.

      3. Twitter @malorenapuche1

    • #26039
      Richard Seager

      Hi Richard Seager, Dunedin Aotearoa/NZ more car centric here than just about anywhere else, PT & cycling just about non-existent. I’m a (retail) Business owner, with some postgrad in climate science and ran unsuccessfully for Mayor last year in a first run at political office. Doing this part of course on iPhone right now which is somewhat challenging so no links at bottom of this as they’re not workable

      1. My expertise is mainly retail but I have done history, classics, programming, data science at undergraduate and climate science at postgrad level. I tend to a long view rather than a shot one. I’m well up to date, and not terribly impressed, with contemporary identity politics.

      2. I have data science and analysis skills along with experience in using them. And I understand small business very well as well as having a very good understanding of the games that large corporates play. And am finely tuned into just how bad state of climate is.

      3. E-Mail: cycling@wifoo.co.nz

      Twitter: @cyclesnotcars cycling, politics,, climate, women’s places/rights

      Website: richardsea.gr


    • #26044
      Rob Clarke-Jones

      Hi everyone, hows its going?

      My name is Rob Clarke-Jones, I am an urban designer in London originally from a town just outside the city called Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

      1) My expertise sits within urban planning and urban design, urban planning BA and Urban Design MA.

      2) Being an urban designer I completely agree with what George just explained about how bicycle infrastructure design falls within a transport engineering context, a lot of cycling infrastructure around the UK it simply is not good enough. I believe as an urban designer that we can create a constructive collaboration between us and engineers on cycling infrastructure projects, which would only enhance the final outcome. I have already completed the Unraveling the Cycling City course by Marco and George back in February, as well as spending a lot of time over the past few years in the Netherlands from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and so on to small towns such Bemmel in Gelderland.

      I am currently working on a design/plan for a pop up cycle network in my hometown, Aylesbury.

      3) Feel free to follow me on twitter @robcj94 or connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-clarke-jones/

      Looking forward to the rest of the course,

      Cheers everyone!


    • #26055

      Hello everyone,

      My name is Tafta Nugraha, I am a final year PhD candidate in Southampton, UK.

      1. My research is in urban land-use and transport modelling but my real passion is in promoting sustainable transport, so I am particularly interested in how we can promote more cycling in our cities. I also have some experience in transport planning and modelling, both in the UK and in Indonesia.

      2. As my main expertise is in research, I am used to looking at things from the academia point of view. I could help providing scientific knowledge on why we should promote sustainable transport and, specifically in this case, cycling. Also, having worked in transport planning and modelling projects in the context of UK and Indonesia, I could contribute to the challenges we are facing in these two countries in promoting cycling.

      3. I am happy to connect with anyone here for discussions and collaborations! my email is adityatafta@yahoo.com, you could also find me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/aditya-tafta-nugraha-136b3274/


      Kind Regards


    • #26091

      Hi everyone!

      My name is António, from Setúbal, Portugal.

      1) The area of expertise is in the realm of regular bicycle usage as a means of transportation and active mobility activist. Being a health professional, I feel particularly sensitive to measures of support and promotion of active mobility (walking or cycling).

      2) As a regular user and activist, I am willing to feel more competent in understanding best practices, and how to translate in infrastructure suggestions, need still unmet in my home town or how to better present alternative solutions for the local urban design.

      3) Happy to connect #setubaldebicicleta (at facebook) or #Mubipt (facebook)

    • #26092


      My name is Adam St. Amant and I am a Transportation Engineer with the City of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with? I am a transportation engineer and work with many of the practical aspects of transportation infrastructure, for example the dimensions of each component in the road right-of-way, a wide variety of turning vehicle swept paths, legal aspects of how the road can be used (everywhere is different through), operations and maintenance considerations, roadway drainage, etc.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling? I hope to contribute a practical understanding of the road right-of-way and road use based on experience.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you. I can be contacted at adam.st.amant@lethbridge.ca

    • #26111

      Hello everyone!

      My name is Daria Besedina, I am an architect and sustainable city advocate (and a member of the Miscow City Duma currently).

      I set a personal example cycling year-round for transport, and explain to the public and to decision makers why cycling is so important. Cycling in Moscow is still largely unpopular and is seen mostly as a sport or leisure activity. My goal is to emphasize the importance of cycling as a part of a healthy, sustainable transportation policy, to make it mainsream and mass.

      You can contact me by email dbesedina@city4peple.ru or connect with me on twitter @naive_elf

    • #26112
      Gaston Meschiany

      Hi everyone!

      My name is Gaston Meschiany, I’m from La Plata, Argentina.

      1) I’m actual a chemical engineer and post graduated in energy management. As I’ve always been interested in urban mobility I started to take some courses related with the field and last week I presented a report to the council with some recommendation to take during this quarantine period. I’m considering taking a master’s degree in mobility in Europe in order to make a step forward in my career. I also believe that in my country there is no policy to re-educate our car-center mind in order to make better and more friendly cities and I’d love to work in that way.

      2) First of all I think that my enthusiasm and then, I reckon that I have a great balance to solve problems among my engineer background, that provides me method and tools, my world-traveler background that gave me experiences seeing others cultures, and my Latin background that gives me the possibility to come up with a non-conventional idea.

      3) My personal user is always @gmeschiany (or Gaston Meschiany in LinkedIn).


      Thank you all!


    • #26113
      William Ainslie

      Hello everyone

      My name is Will Ainslie and I live in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, UK.

      1) Area of expertise: I’m really a lay person who has, by working in transport planning and sustainable transport-orientated businesses for many years, acquired quite a lot of knowledge about best practice is these fields, but without ever acquiring formal qualification in these areas (something I am trying to remedy now). I’ve always been a keen cyclists (for travel and leisure purposes) and an advocate of better infrastructure and cycling environments in the UK.

      2) I’m not really sure what unique perspective I can bring. I am very political and am keen to campaign more, but backed up by knowledge of good design and what it can achieve. I guess I am also something of a salesman and I love selling the joy of cycling to people who have forgotten what fun it can be and what a brilliant transport mode it is. .

      3) I can be contacted in Twitter @AinslieWill

      I look forward to learning lots on this course!


    • #26119
      Mehdi Hasanzadeh


      It’s Mehdi Hasanzadeh from Tehran,Iran. I’m CEO of RAF consulting engineers and consultant for Developing Active Transportation in cities of Iran.

      1) l’m civil engineer in B.S. and Transportation engineer in M.S. And Doctorate of business administration. My focus is on Active Transportation specially on cycling in cities.

      2)my belief is cycling developing on cities as a mode of transportation is very important nowadays. I made many workshops in more than 10 big cities of Iran in last 3 year. We are providing many software awareness for key persons which engaging them to start promoting cycling.

      3)my LinkedIn: Mehdi-hasanzadeh

      My Instagram :M.hasanzadeh.e

      Our website : http://www.rahyaftaf.ir

      The Best

    • #26120
      Mehdi Hasanzadeh

      I’m transportation engineer and working on providing bicycle master plan for cities.

    • #26123

      Hi everyone, what a wide range of people we have here!

      My name is Colin and I am a transportation planner working in the capital of Canada: Ottawa, Ontario. I’m originally from the east coast of Canada from a small city called Moncton, New Brunswick.

      1. I work on the consulting side of things for a private civil engineering firm: Morrison Hershfield. I studied civil engineering in university but have transitioned more into a 50/50 role at MH handling some design and some traffic/planning.

      2. I think I have a great blend of professional working experience in design, traffic and planning, as well as a passion for cycling and cycling design, given that I cycle ~15km each way to work for 8 months of the year and use it as my main mode of transportation despite Ottawa not being the most friendly cycling city.

      3. A link to my LinkedIn profile can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colin-mackenzie-14181871/

      Looking forward to learning a lot through this course! Great to hear from everyone!

    • #26138
      Mark Philpotts

      I’m Mark and I’m a designer specialising in walking and cycling design, although in many cases, the design is about keeping motor traffic moving if you think about it!

      I’m interested in how the “stuff” of streets fit together to make a whole and I guess my knowledge of the details may help here.

      I’m on Twitter as @RantyHighwayman


    • #26142
      Jennifer Bartlett

      Hi everyone. So fascinating to read the comments – the collective knowledge is amazing!

      I’m a transportation planner in Denver, CO but I have lived in a  number of cities in the US and also study what is being done around the world.  I got my degree in Planning, but love the fields of Landscape Arch and Urban Design.

      Not sure how unique my perspective is, at least in this course, because we are all here for the same thing, but I look forward to learning and adding to the conversation.

      I’m on twitter: @plannerjen

    • #26151

      Hi everyone,

      I am a transport planner and engineer working at a consultancy in Melbourne, Australia.

      1. I work on mostly on strategic transport planning projects for state and local government

      2. I have only had a few years of professional experience but have been fortunate to visit many cities around the world.

      3. Happy to connect
      twitter: @DMead92

    • #26155

      Hi! My name is Andrew and I am a traffic engineer from Leeds, UK.

      1) I have over 20 years varied highway and traffic engineering experience, working on major trunk road schemes to single pedestrian crossings in the centre of towns.

      2) I understand ‘movement’ (perhaps not so much ‘place’ or ‘place-making’ which I’m looking to improve) and the behaviour of drivers and have some idea of many drivers attitudes to people on bikes.

      3) On twitter as @AndyR_UK and on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-russ-033b4648/

    • #26223
      Robert O’Leary

      Hi, I’m Rob and I am a transport planner in a design consultancy in London, UK.

      1. I work mainly on developing surface access solutions for major infrastructure developments, and have experience in designing for people travelling on foot or by bicycle/bus/taxi to such developments.

      2. I wouldn’t say I have a unique perspective. I try to instill a sense of balance in my ideas and designs; I’m conscious that some/many design solutions for cycling can be at the expense of people walking, and I believe that we need to ensure that this is not the case.

      3. Here’s my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-o-leary-a55a7562/

    • #26231

      Hi there!

      I’m Giovanni a graduated student in Urban Environmental Management at Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands.

      1. I’m a graduated student in urban environmental management with a specialisation in land use planning. I do have expertise in urban design and spatial planning and how these are related with humans’ behaviour.

      2. I am interested in how the space is efficiently been used and how this space interconnect with the residents’ need, additionally, I am passionate in creating space which are imaginable and foster attachment to it.

      3. You can contact me here: linkedin.com/in/giovanni-pagano-bb964212b


    • #26264
      Leo Dillon

      Hi there, I’m Leo from Ireland

      1) I qualified as an Industrial Designer over 25 years ago and pretty much since then my professional career has focussed on human/user centred design.

      2) Being human focussed and not coming from a traffic engineering background, I think my design experience will allow me to ask questions and evaluate designs in ways that may not be covered by traditional traffic engineering design processes.

      3) You can read some of my ramblings on twitter at @LkCycleDesign

    • #26265
      Jansi George

      Hi, I’m an Engineer working in public sector. I design urban roads with cycle facilities. Thanks!

    • #26302
      João Marques

      Hi everyone, my name is João, I’m a Masters student of Sustainable Urbanism and Territorial Planning from Portugal.

      I have a background in Geography and Urban Planning/Studies from my bachelor’s degree. I believe that the analysis and subsequent mapping of the territory, which is something very much ingrained into me during my geographical studies, helps understand the territory that will be a target of urban interventions and infrastructural development.

    • #26361

      Hello! My name is Alexander, I am from Moscow, Russia.

      1. I have been working in the Moscow’s administration for more than three years, and for about a year and a half in 2017–2018 I was involved in the bicycle infrastructure development.

      2. In my work, I try to pay attention to all the details and parts of the whole. Perfection of details distinguishes a successful project from a failure, in my opinion. Well, the mistakes and experience of others allow us to improve our decisions, and such courses are an important source of this knowledge.

      3. https://www.facebook.com/aadevyatkin

    • #26654

      Hello! My name is Aneesh. I am from Bangalore, India. I work as a consultant to the Department of Urban local bodies. As a governance consultant, I have understood the nuances of implementing urban interventions in complex urban areas in India. Through this course, I aim to understand the aspects of designing and developing cycling infrastructure, learn from the Dutch experience & expertise, so as to implement interventions in Indian cities.

    • #26656
      Franca Fellmann

      Hi there, I’m Franca from Switzerland. As a MSc Urban Management and Development (Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL), I am

      1) interested in all urbansim-related topics, domains and issues, like geography, sociology, politics, history, urban planning, development and management etc.…

      2) Through my analytical and communicational skills, combined with my theoretical knowledge, I believe to be able to contribute to this course’s discussion as well as later to the development of a more bicycle-friendly city through a complementary and multi-disciplinary view, all whilst paying attention to details and the humans within the context. At least this is my goal!

      3) You can find me on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/franca-fellmann-a5908b176/


    • #26657
      Franca Fellmann

      Hi there, I’m Franca from Switzerland. As a MSc Urban Management and Development (Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL), I am

      1) interested in all urbanism-related topics, domains and issues, like geography, sociology, politics, history, urban planning, development and management etc.…

      2) Through my analytical and communicational skills, combined with my theoretical knowledge, I believe to be able to contribute to this course’s discussion as well as later to the development of a more bicycle-friendly city through a complementary and multi-disciplinary view, all whilst paying attention to details and the humans within the context. At least this is my goal!

      3) You can find me on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/franca-fellmann-a5908b176/


    • #26869

      Hello all! I’m Elijah Go Tian from the Philippines. I work in a transportation consultancy and recently been trying to push for a more bicycle-oriented culture here in the metropolitan area.

      I think what makes my perspective unique is my generally clean slate when it comes to this expertise. I’m open to any idea that could fit current problems and situations. Coming also from a very poor transportation system here in Metro Manila, some of the most out-of-this-world ideas and solutions pop in for the most impossible areas.

      LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elijah-go-tian-832b3b190/

    • #26948
      Noel Fennelly

      Hi All. I’m Noel Fennelly from Ireland.

      1. I’m a Civil Engineer by qualification and have worked in the area of Roads & Transportation for over 13 years.

      2. I currently work for a Local Authority which has unfortunately been very  slow to date in implementing cycling infrastructure, so I am very aware of the challenges from a Local Authority & political perspective to implementing cycling infrastructure in Ireland. I hope to improve my knowledge of best practice cycle design on this course, to learn from the dutch experience, and to hopefully use this knowledge to try influence change in attitudes and cycle infrastructure design in Ireland.

      3. You can find me on Twitter @NoelFennelly

    • #26955
      Hugo Nicholls

      Hey everyone, I’m Hugo Nicholls. I’m a transport consultant for a multi-disciplinary consulting firm here in Melbourne, Australia, and I am a Co-founder of The Pedal Project – a platform to start conversations, to educate others about and to advocate for cycling. You can find me on Linkedin or email me at hugo@the-pedal-project.com

      I’ve worked on a range of transport projects and have dived deep into some infrastructure-related problems, particularly about conflicts between bicycles and motor vehicles. I have an engineering degree, so I have a grounding in functionality and practicality, but more recently I have become more and more interested in the social and cultural factors that influence a cycling culture.

    • #26973
      Ryan Tay

      Hi all, my name is Ryan. I am an early career transport planner at an engineering/design consultancy in Melbourne, Australia.

      I completed my undergrad in sustainable systems engineering in 2019 which emphasised the bigger picture of some of our sustainability challenges – their environmental/social/political/economic context and engineering’s role in contributing to the solutions. My background and knowledge is on the engineering side, with an appreciation of and ongoing curiosity about the wider socio-economic and political drivers behind our transport challenges. I have also ridden a bike to get around for the best part of 7 years since moving to the big city and spent 6 months on exchange in Delft, Netherlands which opened my eyes to what a cycling culture can be!

      While my knowledge so far is limited but developing, I hope that my skill set can one day bring more coherence to the delivery of safe and equitable bicycle infrastructure to our cities through an understanding of good design and ability to navigate the many non-technical barriers cycling infrastructure is often faced with.

      You can find me on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanxhtay/

    • #26981
      Justin Hyatt


      I’m Justin, currently living in Valencia Spain, but with five years of experience of Dutch cycling conditions in Rotterdam. Although a  freelance mobility consultant, one of my main associations is with Carfree Cities Alliance, which currently has roots in South Asia, although we are planning to expand to other parts of the world.

      1. Area of expertise: strategic planning, participatory planning, social and ecological approaches to urban dev and transitions, media and journalism, NGO lobbying and pressure points

      2. Cycling could so easily become the backbone of medium distance transport, which is both very silly how this isn’t the case in many places, but also a huge opportunity. My perspective also says that cars should have limited to non-existent place in cities. Time to reclaim!

      3. Happy to be in touch. My email is Justin@zofi.hu. my linkedin is https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-kerry-hyatt

    • #27234
      sena pamuk


      I am Sena from Turkey. I graduated urban planning program  and now I am doing my master at transport. I always interested how to make cities more sustainable and environmental friendly. Designing cycling infrastructure is the best way of its. In Turkey, cycling is mostly used for recreational activities but after pandemic, citizens started to use it for transportation but there is no bicycle infrastructure here. Designing it will help people to use more bicycle. Therefore, I am really happy to join these course.

      Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sena-pamuk-493496181/

    • #27241
      Mauricio Suarez

      Hi everyone, I’m Mauricio. I am originally from Colombia and I’m currently studying in Paris, France.

      1. I am an architect and will graduate soon with a Masters degree in Urban Planning and Development.

      2.  Since I have lived in different cities in South and North America, and now in Europe, and because I have routinely used different modes of transportation, I understand how critical it is to understand the current context when trying to implement specific mobility solutions. Also, I believe that my background in architecture can be an assent when designing quality urban spaces and cycling infrastructure.

      3. LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/suarezlm/

    • #27249

      Pura vida everyone!

      I hope all is well. My name is Arturo from Costa Rica. I’m an environmental engineeer with a MSc. in Transport Planning and Environmental Policies. I’ve mostly been working on travel plans, electrification of the transport sector and capacity building processes here in San José. I definitely would like to learn more on design and urban planning, since those are approaches that are still required here. I think that the Global North is quite different than the Global South, and the Global South itself is very different. Latin American conditions are even quite different when you talk about the large metropolis and smaller cities such as San José. The Central American region is generally quite unexplored because of its size but it does present quite an opportunity for change.

      I work at a NGO called Centro para la Sostenibilidad Urbana as the Sustainable Mobility coordinator and you can contact me at arturo@cpsurbana.org. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside other organizations that could enrich our work here and hopefully they are able to learn a bit from us as well! On most of my social networks you’ll be able to find me as turosteal or Arturo Steinvorth Álvarez.

    • #27341

      Hi, My name is Liliana, I am from Lima, Peru. I am Architect and Urbanist working in private sector.

      I am completely identified with sustainable cities and one way to improve the quality of life in a city is designing a network bike. It is necessary due Lima is a very big city with more than 10 million inhabitants without an efficient public transport.

      Linkedln https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilianadelgadodupont/


    • #27369
      Tristan Rizzi

      My name is Tristan, I´m from Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina.

      1 – I see a lot of engineers, traffic designers, architects, urban planners  … I´m none of them, I´m a dentist!

      2- I can´t see any reason why a dentist can add something to our collective understanding of designing for cycling. Maybe I can help in lower the incidence of upper central incisor fractures in bicycle crashes (just kidding) I can contribute in the understanding of my own city ,I´ve been living here for 49 years. I want to learn from all of you!

      3- My email tristanrizzi@yahoo.com. Im also a teacher and my school project is: https://proyectobicicarrilesvillamaria.blogspot.com/

    • #27414
      Salvador Gonzalez

      1)I’m a bicycle mechanic from Mexico city. I have ample experience on that field and bike commercial and after sales experience in France, and here. I have a contemporary history licence degree also. I’m very interested on most issues regarding bicycle urban use and its promotion and development.
      2)I don’t think I can further enhance your understanding on bicycling urban design as much as I hope you’ll enhance mine 😉 Anyway, I focus specially on social and historical issues that may influence and hinder bike use development in the so-called third world environment.
      3)My name is Salvador Gonzalez and my email address is salvador_gonzalez47@hotmail.com

    • #27450

      1) Architecture, urban and territorial planning, specially intervention and development in touristic, rural, coastal areas, natural parks, historic and heritage sites and slum upgrading. I’m particularly interested in environmental protection, territorial, economic and social cohesion and local development, vernacular architecture, energy efficiency and developing the legal framework for planning, urbanisation and construction. Visual arts, photography, music, cycling, trekking, cooking and growing my own vegetables are my main hobbies at the moment.

      2) I can share my own life-changing experience of adopting the bicycle first and than an e-bicycle and primary transport on the challenging and steep streets of Lisbon, and the following happy experiences touring around the country and exploring other european cities.

      3) Ana Escoval . Architect and Urban Planner . aescoval@gmail.com . Portugal (EU)

    • #27541

      Hello all!
      1) I am just about to graduate from the masters program of landscape architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
      2) I am very interested in how the urban form effects the experience of cycling and finding out how the experience of cycling can be improved through good urban design. I have just started working with a Swedish bicycle advocacy NGO to develop a method for analyzing bicycle networks in small Swedish cities.
      3) My email is: axel.pihl@cykelframjandet.se. Just started a twitter profile, not very active yet: https://twitter.com/AxelPihl

    • #27567
      Jon D

      Hi, I’m Jonathan Dixon from the UK

      1. I’m a keen enthusiast in the world of transport planning and have a lot of experience working in sustainable travel behaviour change. My work takes me to schools where we work to encourage more active travel, and I link with the Local Government Authority to try and address infrastructure issues near those schools.

      2. I think my experience lends to thinking about the world that children and young people see. We need to design more for them. If we can make spaces work for children and young people, they will work for everyone.


    • #27583

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Arpit. I am from India. My background is of construction technology and design and I am working in field of sustainable mobility with Cities Forum as an Associate Consultant.

      I am here to improve my understanding of cycle infrastructure design after doing the course of Unravelling cycle cities. and share my knowledge and experience with infrastructure project and sustainable mobility

    • #27599

      Hi Everyone!

      1. I am traffic engineer and planner. Most of my works were on improving vehicle traffic, but I am a cyclist enthusiast. According to Mikael Colville-Andersen from the Copenhagen book review, traffic engineers are the bad guys. 😅 (let’s change that)
      2. I think I can use my traffic perspective of optimizing vehicle flow to provide space or/and improving the cycling infrastructure at intersections and network design. I do have a good record of finding an innovative, unconventional, solutions for the traffic at intersections and network without proposing to add additional lanes or building bridges. In some cases, minimizing intersections’ size while improving the traffic flow.
      3. Contact details; email: omar1.a@hotmail.com. Social Media: http://linkedin.com/in/omar-m
    • #27618
      William Arnold

      I’m from a small prairie city in Canada (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). I’m a psychologist in clinical-community practice for 3 decades, doing much work with mental health and physical activity. I live in a “winter city”. We have about 100 days per year without freezing weather, so we winter cycle.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      We are very car-centred and are rated as having the lowest fitness in the country. I’m interested in transportation equality, social influences on health and mental health, and see cycling as part of this.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      I was attracted to this course because of the focus on data and evidence as part of the persuading decision and policy makers.  I’m also interested in the user experiences and community connections which cycling brings.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

      look for me @jamesbicycle on twitter

    • #27641

      Hi, my name is Carlos Sandoval Plata, i´m a student that is almost to conclude the career on Urban Administration in Mexico.

      1. The areas of expertise I identify with is the urban mobility, special with sustaintable mobility like walking and cycling, also with the recovery of public space.

      2. Well, i don´t have so much experience, but I think that working always with people, giving social empowerment, the projects could have more impact or could work better, so it is important to know the urban dynamic on the place that we are going to work.

      3. Contact.   Email: carlosensp12@gmail.com       Social media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlos-enrique-sandoval-plata-42718b1b1/

    • #27713
      Mario Figallo

      Hi, my name is Mario Figallo Alvarez, from Lima – Perú.

      I´m an Architect working in transit and urban mobility area. Designing public spaces and bike paths is part of my daily work, so this course will help enrich my knowledge in order to provide a quality cycling network to my community.

      LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-alberto-figallo-alvarez-b5a897119/

    • #27714
      Francisco Ulloa

      Hi, my name is Francisco Ulloa. I’m a student of Civil Engineering in Temuco, Chile.

      1.In the next few years I will learn about transportation engineering issues, but now my expertise would relate to the fact that I am a bike enthusiast and worked as a food delivery man for a while.

      2. A perspective from a different place will always help with a better understanding. Considering the city I live in and my reality, I believe my contribution is related to the study and example of an emerging city in cycling.

      3.Contact:    Email: f.ulloamendoza@gmail.com
      Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fj-ulloa-mendoza/

    • #27717
      Tim Saunders

      Hi, my name is Tim,

      I have expertise in the development of housing and renewable energy projects and studied Urban Planning as a Postgraduate.

      I am a utility, commuter, family and leisure cyclist, who has visited some of the best examples of European cycle infrastructure and who wants to work with others locally to enact change in the City of Nottingham and its surroundings.  More political and community support needs to be developed here.


    • #27728
      Hossain Mohiuddin

      Hi Everyone,
      My name is Hossain Mohiuddin and I am a PhD student in the Transportation Technology and Policy program at the University of California, Davis, USA.

      I have a background in urban planning with a concentration on transportation planning. My current research focuses on active transport and public transit integration. Additionally, I am interested in researching how emerging new mobility services such as dockless and docked electric bike-share and scooter-share can help communities with more transport options, address transportation equity, and strengthen the public transit system. I am also building my expertise in choice modeling.

      As an urban transportation planner, I believe my unique perspective on planning for transportation equity can contribute to the collective understanding of designing cities for cycling with an especial emphasis on transportation equity in the design and infrastructure development process.

      My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hossain-mohiuddin

      Twitter: @Hossain_1001

    • #27740
      Manuel Banza

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Manuel and I am Data Analyst from Lisbon Portugal. Really glad to be here learning this super interesting subjects.

      1. In the last years I have been working in data science and have handled lots of data from different business areas. I think I can use my python, BI and Machine Learning knowledge in order to get new insights to help cities achieve a better quality life.
      2. I love to cycle, and I live in a city that was almost impossible to cycle in the last years. In 2020 the city decided to invest in cycle lanes and other things to make Lisbon a more bicycle friendly city. So I can understand the great challenges that a city faces.
      3. My LinkedIn profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/manuel-banza/
        My Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/ManuelBanza

      Thank you!

    • #27747

      I’m Samuel, I’m a civil engineering freshman student at ITESO University in Guadalajara (4 million people city), Mexico.

      The way I see cycling it’s crutial for my city in order to reassure a better future. That because I know cycling is a way of development not only for the environment and commuting but because a cycling culture is a way to improve economy and to tackle the violence-problem that my city suffers. Guadalajara can learn a lot from Berlin, a 3 million city with a more developed cycling culture.

      I’m headed to start a non-profit organisation and enhacing a cycling culture in my city,  if you want to share ideas.

    • #27767

      My name is Blythe and I am 50 and live in Edinburgh in Scotland. I have a very active Twitter feed which is mostly about cycling and campaigning for better resources @girlonabrompton as well as my own website at https://www.patreon.com/viewfromthesaddle

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      I really don’t class myself as an expert. I am a life long cyclist who has lived in cities very rarely (by choice), but who has found that cycling is not only healthier and more fun but quicker than driving. Whereas I was always a hobby or leisure cyclist, at least for most of my adult life, I am now using the bicycle more and more around the city as a means of transport.

      I have some health issues and I have recently (my Christmas present to myself) got an e-bike. This has been a revelation as to how cycling could really be adopted by a wider section of the public and could realistically replace the car for many urban journeys for many more people.

      This doesn’t mean I have given up my sporty road bike, or my convenient commuter folding Brompton for combining cycling with other modes of transport, but it certainly has changed my view of my car.

      I have been campaigning for better cycling infrastructure since I moved to Edinburgh three years ago, especially as my last home had really great cycling provisions (Fort William in the Scottish Highlands). There have been a lot of deaths on the roads around Edinburgh, and it is time this stopped.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      Because I am coming at it from the perspective of the user and a mature one who has lived in many different towns and rurally in Scotland and the wider UK, I feel that I am not clouded by any native loyalty to any one locality. I can speak as I find and compare and contrast. I also have a lot of time behind me as a cyclist and as a driver, and I can see how much things have changed for everyone over the last 30years of doing both.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

      See up the top. I tend to look at things from the other way around….

    • #27775
      Gabriela B.

      Hello everyone! I´m Gabi Cob from Costa Rica.
      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      I am a psychologist and I have worked in mobility for more than 10 years, my specialization is on empowering women through the use of bicycles, with this I have worked with many women in using bicycles as a means of transport and a means of their autonomy.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      The inclusion of women in terms of design, their needs and their proposals to improve public spaces in cities.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.


      FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006973396286

      IG cob.gabi

    • #27828
      Tadeu Saldanha

      Hi there,

      I’m Tadeu Saldanha from São Paulo, Brazil.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      I am a programmer and designer, currently I’m product owner for digital products.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      I started using bikes for going to work and got in love with the concept and started studying urban mobility as a curious person. I am trying to product posts on my medium about my perspective from a regular person that entered the area.

      And I manage a initiative in Lisbon, Portugal that map bike parkings, it is in Portuguese but the link is:


      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

      Tadeu Saldanha

      ig: /tsaldanha

      linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/tsaldanha/

    • #27913
      Nicolò Silvani

      Hi all,

      I’m Nicolò Silvani and I live in Aberdeen, Scotland, though I am originally from Italy.

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      I studied Business IT for my undergraduate degree but, having found the business part more interesting to me, I then attended an environmental entrepreneurship Masters to re-align my career prospects to be in the environmental field. During the course, I focused on Environmental Impact Assessment, circular economy and city systems and infrastructure.

      I now work as Campus Cycling Officer at a university in Aberdeen and I am a member of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum, campaigning for improved cycling infrastructure in the city. Having lived in different towns and cities in Italy, Australia and Scotland I have come across good infrastructure examples and wish my current city could have their own sooner rather than later.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      Though I have cycled in rural areas and for leisure before, I have gotten into cycling for commuting purposes, within a city, only during the first Covid lockdown, when roads were quieter, which allowed me to grow in confidence and made me realise how good a way to commute cycling is. I’d like more people to see that. Also, through my studies, I have learnt that the transport sector is the highest emitter in Scotland and that, to reach net-zero by 2045 (as per Scottish law), the sector needs a major overhaul. In my opinion, not only via EV adoption, but even more importantly via the displacements of private cars in favour of active travel (walking, wheeling and cycling), particularly within cities. In Aberdeen, car is king to date; as changes will need to be implemented relatively quickly, it’ll be very interesting to see how this could be achieved.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoloSilvani

      LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nico-silvani/


    • #28039
      Jefferson Carvalho

      Hello. I’m Jefferson Carvalho from Brazil

      1) What areas of expertise do you identify with?

      I am an architect and urban planner with a specialization in city architecture. I have a lot of interest in active urban mobility.

      2) How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?

      As an observer of space and urban dynamics, I consider the different variants involved in a project. In addition, I take buses to reach the city center and there I walk. In my neighborhood I use bicycles but unfortunately there is no bike path or bike lane to the city center.

      3) If you wish, leave your name & contact & social media information here so other course members can get in touch with you.

      LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffersoncarvalho/

    • #28067

      I have already cycled a lot through my city and I know its streets and modal bottlenecks well. I have an understanding of the possibility of developing a cycle path in the city, combined with other inherent plans.

    • #28114
      Mark Gill

      What areas of expertise do you identify with?
      I am an Irish architect and urban planner living in Copenhagen with a huge interest in active mobility. My objective is to make cities greener, healthier, safer and more fun. I identify as a ‘fearless’ cyclist. I have cycled round the world, raced bikes and worked in bike travel. My bike is, and always has been, my primary mode of both transport and recreation.

      How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?
      I have a lot of experience but I am not the only person to love both cities and the bicycle. My perspective is unfortunately not unique enough. Being a ‘fearless’ and experienced cyclist can easily make me blind to the challenges of inexperienced cyclists. What I am really trying to understand is the perspective of people who have not always loved bikes. Why do they not cycle more or at all? Maybe then, I can design cities for less experienced cyclists as mass conversion to the bicycle will transform all our cities and all our lives for the better.

      You can contact me via LinkedIn.

    • #28125
      Kim Hanke

      Hi everyone, my name is Kim and…

      1) I am from Bremen, Germany, and work as a mobility planner. My work mostly consists of creating a strategic framework for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure before our engineers start drawing their designs on a much smaller and more detailled scale.

      2) Since I studied geography and spacial planning, I have a good understanding on how social  (inter-)actions are linked to our build environment. I am not only a city employee and familiar with administrative and political affairs but also an activist. I have learned a lot about communication from being part of these two – sometimes very opposite – groups.

      3) LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-vivien-hanke-799bb6154

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/kivi097

    • #28130
      Sara Holanda


      My name is Sara, I’m an architect, urban planner and set designer based in Brazil.

      I have 5 years of experience working at the traffic planning of my city.

      Instagram: @saraclh

      Twitter: @sarinhaclh

    • #28161

      Hey everyone, my name is Guillermo, a mexican living in Sweden.

      1. I have spent most of my career path within the traffic engineering field. In the beginning I had a strong focus on car traffic, but as I learn and gain more experience, I was more convinced on the need to focus on other, and more sustainable, modes of transport. And well, cycling seems a clear way to go.

      2. My perspective is mainly technical as I analyze bicycle traffic in quantifiable ways that can help to design better cycling infrastructure. I am currently doing a PhD on developing and evaluating models to simulate bicycle traffic more accurately. If we manage to represent cyclists through traffic models, they can be used as strong support for infrastructure design.

      3. guillermo.perez.castro@vti.se, guillermo.perez.castro@liu.se, http://www.linkedin.com/in/guillermo-pérez-castro

    • #28206
      Gabriel Oliveira

      Hello, i’m Gabriel Oliveira from Braga, Portugal. I’m a Sports manager working in University Sports Services and was during three (3) years the head of the Municipality Sports Department.
      I´m now also working with an architecture office and we are discusting the future of the city housing and buildings and all the requirements necessary to plan a well build healthy city. Our city as around 150.000 inhabitants and we are starting to concern the growth of trafic in city center. Also with the pandemic crisis people start using more and more alternative ways of transportation to move around the city. ith my knowledge of sports services and integrating a multidisciplinar group of people, we’ll try to have solutions for this problem.

    • #28208
      Lucian Micu

      Hi, my name is Lucian and I am from Sibiu, Romania. My interest in urban planning has steadily grown since I have written my thesis about cycling tourism in southern Transilvania for my master’s degree in geography of tourism.
      While researching for my paper I inevitably stumbled upon literature regarding the so many facets of cycling, including cycling from an urban planning perspective. I have since then been very keen to understand how cycling can
      be used to make our cities more liveable. Needless to say, I have been cycling back then and I still ride my bike, both for commuting and for leisure.
      Although I now work in IT, my wife and I have founded an NGO that advocates for better cycling and walking infrastructure in our city. We are also part of a national network of NGO’s that organize an event called Street Delivery,
      the romanian equivalent of “Reclaim the streets” movements worldwide.

      This is the Facebook page of our NGO:  https://www.facebook.com/asociatiadevelop

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