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    Hi everyone, I’m Maria Lorena Puche, a civil engineer living in Miami, FL USA.

    1.     What areas of expertise do you identify with?  I’ve about 8 years of experience in city management and public administration. My research interests lie in the area of urban transportation systems as well as the future of sustainable mobility including innovative concepts such as Mobillity-as-a-Service (MaaS).  I came from a country where the dominance of cars has caused that transportation modes are known to be ill functioning, and moreover, where cars give to people a status in the society.

    2.     How do you think your unique perspective will enhance our collective understanding of designing for cycling?  My experience in the Governance and regulation of Transportation Networks Systems, has led me to meet a balance relationship between the platforms provider and the citizens, understanding that public participation is a key factor in the implementation of any project.  Then, I strongly believe that bikes can be the opportunity to break away from the dominance of cars however, in order to implement these projects and move toward this transportation mode it’s fundamental to involve our communities making them main actors in the design and implementation of the projects.

    3. Twitter @malorenapuche1

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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