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E-courses on Pollution Reduction and Health

Technologies and measures for pollution management: How to reduce, eliminate or prevent pollution.

It involves active mobility, new technologies for pollution management, noise reduction, safety, environmental impacts, etc.


Electrification of Urban Mobility: How to Get it Right (updated)

This course introduces the challenges faced by cities during that energy transition, and their possible solutions to be sustainable and deal with current climate change.


The Urban Heat Island effect: How to tackle excess heat in cities

Join this course and learn about the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, its causes, impacts on health and well-being as well as the solutions to prevent it.


Hydrogen Technologies for a Sustainable Urban Mobility

In this course we will walk you through the ins and outs of hydrogen, specifically focus on urban environments and applications.


Street of a city with people, tram and other vehicles.

Fundamentals of Urban Mobility

An introduction to the core concepts of urban mobility and urban transport planning to facilitate better, more liveable future cities.


Tackling noise pollution in cities

This course introduces participants to what noise pollution is and how it affects people’s health and wellbeing. Learn about this major environmental health risk and become familiar with different strategies to reduce noise in cities.

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Test Course – SCORM proxy

Discover the truth behind 15-minute cities: their meaning, impact, and potential. Learn how this human-centered approach to urban planning fosters sustainability. Equip yourself with the tools to implement this concept and shape better cities.


Autonomous Vehicles: An opportunity for Cities

Explore the transformative impact of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) on cities: addressing promises, skepticism, and delving into essential requirements for their deployment to shape the city of tomorrow.


Cycling Insights: Lessons from Europe

Explore the evolution of cycling in Europe over 80 years. Learn about the history of the bike, the current city design for cycling, and innovations like bicycle highways.This course will help you to grasp cycling’s societal context and urban design impact, and envision an ideal future cycling environment.


Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) – Updated

Discover Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). Understand their importance, components, and engagement strategies, equipping yourself to shape sustainable cities.


Curbside in action

Flexible Curbside Management (updated)

New mobility services, increasing freight and evolving mobility behaviours also affect the way we use the curb in cities. Join our course to learn more about how the curb can be managed in a flexible way and adapted to current needs in cities!


Superblocks: rethinking cities and urban spaces for citizens (updated)

Superblocks have revolutionised accessibility in Barcelona. Join this short course to discover this cost-effective solution and why not, unlocking its secrets for your own neighbourood…


The power of Mobility Data: Discover how every move matters

Explore the world of mobility data and learn about how vital it is for mobility in cities, while understanding it’s advantages and limitations. Join us on this data-driven journey to optimise movement in our urban spaces.


Demand Responsive Transport (DRT): Where does it fit?

Discover how Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) can fit in your city and revolutionise accessibility by exploring a flexible transportation system that adapts to the needs of passengers in real-time.


Car sharing: the smart way to drive

Discover the smart way to drive: learn how to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy hassle-free rides by sharing cars with others. As a user, city or company, this course will help you to embrace shared mobility for greener future.



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