Future Mobility and Trends

The future of mobility, from autonomous vehicles to urban air mobility and robotics.

Autonomous Vehicles: An opportunity for Cities

Autonomous mobility stands at a pivotal juncture, facing both promises and obstacles. What prerequisites for change are needed for automated vehicles to get to the promised end-state and be favorable for our cities, environment and society? This course introduces the infrastructural, regulatory, and commercial challenges and approaches of shaping an autonomous future with a special […]

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Planning for Autonomous Vehicles: A People-Centred Approach (updated)

Successfully incorporate autonomous vehicles into sustainable urban planning For sustainable future cities, the way people use and move around urban spaces must be reviewed. The town planning done now will have massive impacts on city dwellers’ quality of life in the years to come. This course will explore how autonomous vehicles should be incorporated into sustainable

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Street of a city with people, tram and other vehicles.

Fundamentals of Urban Mobility

This course introduces the fundamentals of urban mobility planning. Mobility choices affect all aspects of city life: from economic efficiency to social inclusion, sustainability, and quality of life. These choices shape and reshape cities in irreversible ways. Urban life is much better for everyone when we invest in mobility for all, not just car users.

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Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles: Introduction

Welcome to the EIT Urban Mobility introductory course on autonomous vehicles! This short course will give you an understanding of the autonomous vehicles framework. Upon completion of this course, you will understand the technologies, challenges, and opportunities of their adoption as a key element in urban mobility. If you want to learn more about this topic, after completing this

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Demystifying Shared Mobility

Welcome to the EIT Urban Mobility course ‘Demystifying Shared Mobility’! This short introductory course will give you a glimpse into the shared mobility ecosystem. Upon completion, you will understand the factors and background behind today’s shared mobility, the systems currently available, the main players involved, and where they have succeeded and failed in its implementation. You will also find out what

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