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€0.00 – €29.00

Designing the Cycling City

A practical course for transportation, design, and planning professionals with a vision for human movement on two wheels.
€0 – €9.00

Free Visualisation Tools for Urban Mobility Planning: Beginners

Learn how to use Sketchup and Google Earth to redesign a street in your city. Beginners level.
€0.00 – €29.00

User Experience for Inclusive Cycling in Cities

The course introduces user experience (UX) as a tool for making cycling inclusive, and gives you methods to rethink cycling infrastructure in terms of the end user.

User Experience for Mobility and Public Space

An introduction to user experience (UX) for urban mobility. Learn to think through the perspective of the end user.
€0 – €29.00

Understanding Cycling in Europe

Using cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ghent, and Oslo, we take a deep dive into the history, policy, and culture of cycling in European cities.
€0 – €9.00

Free Visualisation Tools for Urban Mobility Planning: Intermediate

Learn how to use Sketchup and Google Earth to redesign a street in your city. Intermediate level.
€0 – €29.00

Planning the Streets of the Future

Reimagine (and animate!) the future of streets in your city.
€0.00 - €9.00

Superblocks: rethinking cities and urban spaces for citizens

Understand how superblocks are a sustainable, cost-effective and feasible solution to mobility issues in cities.
€0.00 - €9.00

Sustainable Parking Management

This course will give you an introductory understanding of what constitutes sustainable and effective parking management in cities.
€ 0.00 - € 9.00

Demystifying Shared Mobility

This introductory course will give you a glimpse into the shared mobility ecosystem.
€0.00 - €9.00

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)

Understand how cities are transitioning towards Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).
€ 0.00 - € 9.00

Active mobility at the heart of transport modelling

In this course, we will talk about the importance of placing active mobility at the same level as motorised transport.
€0.00 - €9.00

Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles

This course will give you an understanding of the autonomous vehicles framework.
€0 – €9.00

Designing a Livable Neighbourhood: The Woonerf Concept

Learn about the history of the Woonerf concept, and how to design livable and accessible Dutch streets.
€0.00 - €9.00

Urban Mobility: Accessibility for ALL

This course looks at tools and methods that deliver urban mobility in the context of universal design. How can we deliver urban mobility for everyone?
€0.00 - €9.00

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) explained

What is MaaS? How it impacts the future of mobility? These are some of the questions that this course tries to answer.
€0.00 - €9.00

The effects of Covid-19 on Urban Mobility

This course discusses ongoing trends and mid- to long-term effects of the pandemic in Urban Mobility and cities.
€0.00 - €9.00

Flexible Curbside Management

This course discusses the benefits of flexible curbside management over traditional curbside management, and how to design a curbside according to users needs.
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